An Answer to the Rev. Mr. Clarkson's Essay on the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species: Particularly the African; in a Series of Letters, from a Gentleman in Jamaica, to His Friend in London: Wherein Many of the Mistakes and Misrepresentations of Mr. Clarkson are Pointed Out, ... By G. Francklyn, Esq

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printed at the Logographic Press, and sold by J. Walter; C. Stalker; and W. Richardson, 1789 - 263 pages
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Page 39 - Hear us, my lord: thou art a mighty prince among us: in the choice of our sepulchres bury thy dead; none of us shall withhold from thee his sepulchre, but that thou mayest bury thy dead. 7 And Abraham stood up and bowed himself to the people of the land, even to the children of Heth.
Page 186 - Snceberg, are fwom enemies to the paftoral life. Some of their maxims are, to live on hunting and plunder, and never to keep any animal alive for the fpace of one night. By this means they render themfelves odious to the reft of mankind, and are purfued and exterminated like the wild beafts, whofe manners they have af> fumed. Others of them again are kept alive, and made flaves of. Their weapons are peiloned arrows, whkh, ihot out of a fmall bow, will...
Page 69 - Great had reafon to complain, " that, from the " Humber to the Thames, there was not a prieft " whounderftood the liturgy in his mother tongue, " or who could tranflate the eafieft piece of La...
Page 33 - Jhall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, becaufe of the ground which the Lord hath curfed, Gen.
Page 137 - He never heard of but one " that ever fold a family flave, except for fuch «« crimes as they would have been fold for if «' they had been free." And in Aftley's Collection, fpeaking of the cuftoms of the Negroes in that large extent of country further down the coaft, particularly denominated the coaft of Guinea, it is faid, J
Page 252 - Monf. le Duc de Penthièvre, Amiral de France, de tenir la main à l'exécution du préfent arrêt...
Page 120 - I believe, the richest king and greatest warrior in this part of the world ; and you may depend upon it, in time will subdue most of the countries round him. He has already set his two chief palaces round with men's skulls, as thick as they can lie on the walls, one by another, and are such as he has killed in war; each of which palaces are in circumference larger than St. James's Park, about a mile and a half round.
Page 150 - They* llpread defolatiort wherever they earner after devouring the herbage, with the fruits and leaves of trees, they attacked even the buds and the very bark : they did not fo much as ipare the reeds, with which the huts were thatched, notwithttanding that thefe were fo dry :' in fhort, they did all the mifchief that can be dreaded from fo voracious an infect.
Page 32 - ... refpect to their pofterity, it only fhews, that the curfe, or fentence, denounced againft Ham, extended fo much the further. It may be objected, that Cufh was born prior to the time of Ham's committing the offence againft his father, for which he fentenced him, and his family, to fo fevere a punifhment ; and therefore, the, complexion of Cufh could not have any relation to the crime to be committed afterwards by his father. In anfwer to this objection, I obferve, there is no impropriety, nor...
Page 72 - ... the first division of this prodigious army committed the most abominable enormities in the countries through which they passed, and that there was no kind of insolence, in justice, impurity, barbarity, and violence, of which they were not guilty. Nothing, perhaps, in the annals of history can equal the flagitious deeds of this infernal rabble

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