An antidote against melancholy: made up in pills. Compounded of witty ballads, jovial songs, and merry catches

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Page 51 - Yet by his leave (for all his haste), He did not so much wish all past, (Perchance) as did the maid.
Page 53 - ... to that was next her chin (Some bee had stung it newly) ; But, Dick, her eyes so guard her face, I durst no more upon them gaze, Than on the sun in July. Her mouth so small, when she does speak, Thou'dst swear her teeth her words did break, That they might passage get ; But she so handled still the matter, They came as good as ours, or better, And are not spent a whit. Passion o
Page 53 - Passion o' me ! how I run on ! There's that that would be thought upon I trow, besides the bride : The business of the kitchen's great, For it is fit that men should eat ; Nor was it there denied.
Page iii - He took it from a black-letter copy in a private collection, compared with, and very much corrected by, a copy, contained in An Antidote against Melancholy, made up in pills compounded of witty Ballads, jovial Songs, and merry Catches, 1661.
Page 6 - Thus it helps Speech and Wit : and it hurts not a whit, But rather doth further the Virtues Morale; Then think it not much if a little I touch The good moral parts of a, pot of good ale.
Page 55 - Which were too much that night. At length the candle's out, and now All that they had not done, they do. What that is, who can tell? But I believe it was no more Than thou and I have done before With Bridget and with Nell.
Page 52 - Her cheeks so rare a white was on, No daisy makes comparison, Who sees them is undone ; For streaks of red were mingled there, Such as are on a Katherine pear, The side that's next the sun.
Page 45 - I met the great red dragon ; I kept him aloof With the armour of proof, Though here I have never a rag on. Boldly I preach, &c. With a fiery sword and target, There fought I with this monster : But the sons of pride My zeal deride, And all my deeds misconster. Boldly I preach, &c.
Page 18 - With an old study fill'd full of learned old books, With an old reverend chaplain, you might know him by his looks. With an old buttery hatch worn quite off the hooks, And an old kitchen, that maintain'd half a dozen old cooks; Like an old courtier, &c.
Page 54 - Presented, and away. When all the meat was on the table, What man of knife or teeth was able To stay to be entreated ? And this the very reason was, Before the parson could say grace The company was seated.

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