An assessment of the nursery industry in Manicaland, Zimbabwe in 2008

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Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2010 in the subject Agrarian Studies, grade: none, Africa University, language: English, abstract: ABSTRACT Agricultural nurseries are key in the production of horticultural and forestry seedlings. Various nursery media is used to raise these seedlings. The study was aimed at determining the researchers’ views and opinions on the nursery practices that the farmers employ. The survey was carried out to establish the productivity and types of media used in the nursery industry within Manicaland, Zimbabwe. In this study, the survey was conducted at provincial level within five (5) selected districts of Manicaland Province. In each district, all the existing nurseries were selected. Data was analyzed using the descriptive analysis. Nursery holders were classified as entrepreneurs, farmers, local government owned and non –profit making organizations owned. Farmer nurseries were the largest category comprising of 56.4% of the total sampled population. Most of the seedlings were raised in containers with the exception of vegetable seedlings which were raised in seed beds. Nursery media comprising of top soil and compost proved to be most popular amongst nursery owners. Pine media used proved to be least used due to its low water holding capacity and lack of proper extension training on its use.

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