An elementary course of hydrostatics and sound

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Groombridge and Sons, 1881 - Hydrostatics - 156 pages
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Page 141 - The disciples of Plato contributed not a little to the advancement of optics, by the important discovery they made, that light emits itself in straight lines, and that the angle of incidence is always equal to the angle of reflection. Plato terms colours " the effect of light transmitted from bodies, the small particles of which were adapted to the organ of sight" This seems precisely what sir Isaac Newton teaches in his " Optics,
Page 159 - A very valuable help to the art of composition, as well as a useful book of reference to the secretary and student. Besides the etymology of words we find their general acceptation also explained. An analytical index, containing the whole of the Synonymes indicated by the pages where they occur, arranged in alphabetical order, facilitates the search for a required word.
Page 147 - What change iu the atmospheric pressure on a square inch is indicated by a fall of one inch in the height of the barometric column? (A cubic inch of water weighs 2527 grains, and the specific gravity of mercury is 13'6.)—Ans.
Page 157 - An educational work, which is well fitted for giving all who study it, with understanding, a very thorough insight into the laws and phenomena of heat." — British Medical Journal. " A better or more intelligible first manual than this it would be difficult to name. Mr. Orme's work will certainly be a welcome aid to students, and an agreeable addition to the family library.
Page 52 - ... cylinder through which it has moved upwards, and the pressure of the air upon the surface of the water on the outside of the tube forces the fluid into it. The valve B is at the same time opened upwards, and the water after several strokes rushes in above it When the upward stroke of the piston Fig.
Page 157 - The subject is so treated as to render it intelligible to all who have a knowledge of arithmetic, and special attention is paid to those parts of the science which are practically nsd'ul , " This book is full of excellent examples of the various laws of heat.
Page 68 - ... be the pressures at these points, p'a —pa = wad' — wad or p'—p = w (d'— d) that is, the difference of the pressures at any two points varies as the vertical distance between the points.
Page 84 - A block of ice, the volume of which is a cubic yard, is observed to float with...
Page iv - The whole contains all that is required on these subjects for the BA and B.Sc. degrees of the University of London. The...
Page 158 - ... elocutionary practice. In this Work, the Editor has sought to select passages combining the highest poetry and eloquence with peculiar fitness for expressive reading aloud and recitation ; and trusts that he has thus supplied a want that teachers and students of elocution and masters of schools have long felt. *' This is a really useful collection of pieces for recitation. Of course...

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