An Elementary Hand-book of the Siamese Language

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Luzac, 1906 - Thai language - 371 pages
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Page 216 - Yes — you must steal a horse. You will then be arrested, convicted, and placed in a situation where your diet and regimen will be such, that in a short time your health will be perfectly restored.
Page 220 - Candidates may use either English or German Script. 1. Translate into German : — • (a) A Frenchman newly arrived in London left his hotel in the morning to see the town. In order to find his way back, he copied on a card the name printed on the wall at the corner of the street. After strolling about all day he called a cab and showed the cabman his card. But the latter only laughed in his face. At this the Frenchman grew angry, and called to the passers-by. A crowd soon got together, and every...
Page 215 - Regularity of diet. as students, it is their frequent and stated days of fasting. A man of property, who had for years been abusing his stomach, at last found his health on a rapid decline. Nature could endure it no longer. He went to consult the celebrated Dr. Spring, of Watertovvn, Mass. He stated the symptoms of his case so clearly, that the learned physician could not mistake the nature of the disease. " I can cure you, sir," said he, "if you will follow my advice.
Page 96 - And thirdly, there is the person or there are the persons neither the speaker nor the person spoken to — " those persons there," " those things there." Hoots expressive of these subjects — the person speaking, the person spoken to, and the person spoken about, and the localities connected with such — are pronominal elements.
Page 13 - ... between the sound of t and d. To produce it try to say t, but draw the tongue away sharply from the roof of the mouth and force the breath a little.
Page 2 - Firstly, learn the values of the different characters and become familiarised with the tones, before trying to make even the simplest sentence. Secondly, always try to remember how a word is spelled, as then it is easy to know its correct pronunciation.
Page i - Bangkok, 189/1, pet. in-8, pp. xvi-i33. An Elementary Hand-book of the Siamese Language by Basil Osborn Cartwright, BA, Exhibitioner of King's College, Cambridge. — Bangkok : Printed • at : «The American Presbyterian Mission Press*, 1906. — Luzac & Co., London, pet. in-8, pp.
Page viii - ... a smattering of the language in a few weeks by trying to learn words or sentences in a parrot like fashion from romanised versions which are invariably most misleading. To try to do this is merely absolute waste of time, money and frequently of temper also.
Page 221 - said the baker " it will be the less for you to carry." " Very well '» said the boy, and giving three half pence to the baker, he went out of the shop.
Page 216 - ... had for years been abusing his stomach, at last found his health so bad that he consulted a celebrated doctor. He stated his case so clearly that the doctor could not mistake the nature of the disease. "I can cure you" said the doctor, " if you promise to do just what I tell you.

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