An Elementary Textbook of Mental Measurements

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Page 70 - What ought you to say when someone asks your opinion about a person you don't know very well? (b) What ought you to do before undertaking (beginning) something very important? (c) Why should we judge a person more by his actions than by his words?
Page 69 - If it is raining when you start to school?" (b) "If you find that your house is on fire?" (c) "If you are going some place and miss your car?
Page 68 - Repeats 3 digits. (1 success in 3 trials. Order correct.) Year IV. (6 tests, 2 months each.) 1. Compares lines. (3 trials, no error.) 2. Discrimination of forms. (Kuhlmann.) (Not over 3 errors.) 3. Counts 4 pennies. (No error.) 4. Copies square. (Pencil. 1 of 3.) 5. Comprehension, 1st degree. (2 of 3.) (Stanford addition.) "What must you do": "When you are sleepy?
Page 69 - Morning or afternoon. Year VII. (6 tests, 2 months each.) 1. Fingers. (No error.) Right; left; both. 2. Pictures, description, or better. (Over half of performance description.) Dutch Home; River Scene; Post-Office. 3. Repeats 5 digits, (1 of 3. Order correct.) 4. Ties bowknot. (Model shown- 1 minute.) (Stanford addition.) 5. Gives differences. (2 of 3.) (Fly and butterfly; stone and egg; wood and glass.) 6. Copies diamond. (Pen. 2 of 3.) A1.
Page 68 - Year III. (6 tests, 2 months each.) 1. Points to parts of body. (3 of 4.) Nose; eyes; mouth; hair. 2. Names familiar objects. (3 of 5.) Key, penny, closed knife, watch, pencil. 3. Pictures, enumeration or better. (At least 3 objects enumerated in one picture.) (a) Dutch Home; (6) River Scene; (c) Post-Office.
Page 70 - Ai. 2. Stamps, gives total value. (Second trial if individual values are known.) Year X. (6 tests, 2 months each.) 1. Vocabulary, 30 words. (Stanford addition.) 2. Absurdities. (4 of 5. Warn. Spontaneous correction allowed.) (Four of Binet's, one Stanford.) 3. Designs, (i correct, i half correct.
Page 70 - When you are on your way to school and notice that you are in danger of being tardy?" (c) "If a playmate hits you without meaning to do it?" 4. Gives similarities, two things. (2 of 4.) (Stanford addition.) Wood and coal; apple and peach; iron and silver; ship and automobile. 5. Definitions superior to use. (2 of 4.) Balloon; tiger; football; soldier. 6. Vocabulary, 20 words. (Stanford addition. For list of words used, see record booklet.) A1. 1. First six coins. (No error.) A1. 2. Dictation. ("See...
Page 69 - When you have broken something which belongs to some one else? (b) " When you are on your way to school and notice that you are in danger of being late?
Page 70 - Al. 2. Dictation. ("See the little boy." easily legible. Pen. 1 minute.) YEAR IX. (6 TESTS, 2 MONTHS EACH.) 1. Date. (Allow error of 3 days in c, no error in a, b, or d.) (a) Day of week. (b) Month. (c) Day of month. (d) Year. 2. Weights. (3, 6, 9, 12, 15. Procedure not illustrated. (2 of 3.) 3. Makes change. (2 of 3. No coins, paper, or pencil.) 104; 15-12; 25-4. 4. Repeats 4 digits backwards. (1 of 3.) (Stanford addition.) 5. Three words. (2 of 3. Oral...
Page 147 - Compare 2 objects from memory Write from dictation Nine years Give the date complete (day, month, day of the month, year) Name the days of the week Give definitions superior to use Retain 6 memories after reading Make change, 4 sous from 20 sous Arrange 5 weights in order Ten years Name the months Name 9 pieces of money Place 3 words in 2 sentences Answer 3...

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