An Elementary Textbook of Mental Measurements

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Page 67 - If it is raining when you start to school?" (b) "If you find that your house is on fire?" (c) "If you are going some place and miss your car?
Page 69 - XII. (8 tests, 3 months each.) 1. Vocabulary, 40 words. (Stanford addition.) 2. Abstract words. (3 of 5.) Pity; revenge; charity; envy; justice. 3. Ball and field. (Superior plan.) (Stanford addition.) 4. Dissected sentences. (2 of 3.) (1 minute each.) 5. Fables. (Score 4; ie, two correct or the equivalent in half credits.) (Stanford addition.) Hercules and Wagoner; Maid and Eggs; Fox and Crow; Farmer and Stork; Miller, Son, and Donkey. 6. Repeats 5 digits backwards. (1 of 3.) (Stanford addition.)...
Page 66 - Repeats 3 digits. (1 success in 3 trials. Order correct.) Year IV. (6 tests, 2 months each.) 1. Compares lines. (3 trials, no error.) 2. Discrimination of forms. (Kuhlmann.) (Not over 3 errors.) 3. Counts 4 pennies. (No error.) 4. Copies square. (Pencil. 1 of 3.) 5. Comprehension, 1st degree. (2 of 3.) (Stanford addition.) "What must you do": "When you are sleepy?
Page 144 - Define by use only, some simple objects Execute 3 simultaneous commissions Give one's age Distinguish morning and evening Seven years Indicate omissions in drawings Give the number of fingers Copy a written sentence Copy a triangle and a diamond Repeat 5 figures Describe a picture Count 13 single sous Name 4 pieces of money Eight years Read selection and retain two memories Count 9 sous.
Page 67 - What's the thing for you to do": (a) "When you have broken something which belongs to some one else?" (b) "When you are on your way to school and notice that you are in danger of being tardy?" (c) "If a playmate hits you without meaning to do it?
Page 145 - Count backward from 20-0 Compare 2 objects from memory Write from dictation Nine years Give the date complete (day, month, day of the month, year) Name the days of the week Give definitions superior to use Retain 6 memories after reading Make change, 4 sous from 20 sous Arrange 5 weights in order Ten years Name the months Name 9 pieces of money Place 3 words in 2 sentences Answer 3 comprehension questions Answer 5 comprehension questions Eleven Years Criticize sentences containing absurdities Place...
Page 67 - ... Fingers. (No error.) Right; left; both. 2. Pictures, description or better. (Over half of performance description:) Dutch Home; River Scene; Post-Office. 3. Repeats 5 digits. (1 of 3. Order correct.) 4. Ties bow-knot. (Model shown. 1 minute.) (Stanford addition.) 5. Gives differences. (2 of 3.) Fly and butterfly; stone and egg; wood and glass. 6. Copies diamond. (Pen. 2 of 3.) Al.
Page 69 - Adult." (6 tests, 5 months each.) 1. Vocabulary, 65 words. (Stanford addition.) 2. Interpretation of fables. (Score 8.) (Stanford addition.) 3. Difference between abstract words. (3 real contrasts out of 4.) Laziness and idleness; evolution and revolution; poverty and misery; character and reputation. 4. Problem of the enclosed boxes. (3 of 4.) (Stanford addition.) 5. Repeats 6 digits backwards. (1 of 3.) (Stanford addition.) 6. Code, writes "Come quickly.
Page 67 - Year V. (6 tests, 2 months each.) 1. Comparison of weights. (2 of 3.) 3-15; 15-3; 3-15. 2. Colors. (No error.) Red; yellow; blue; green. 3. .(Esthetic comparison. (No error.) 4. Definitions, use or better. (4 of 6.) Chair; horse; fork; doll; pencil; table. 5. Patience, or divided rectangle. (2 of 3 trials. 1 minute each.) 6. Three commissions. (No error. Order correct.) Al.
Page 34 - It was never asserted, then, that the General Factor prevails exclusively in the case of performances too alike : it was only said that when this likeness is diminished (or when the resembling performances are pooled together), a point is soon reached where the correlations are still of considerable magnitude, but now indicate no common factor except the General one.

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