An enquiry into the constitution, discipline, unity & worship of the primitive Church, by an impartial hand [P. King]. 2 pt. [separately dated 1691].

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Page 88 - to teach, not given to Wine, no Striker, not greedy of filthy Lucre, but
Page 148 - That the Day of a. Man's Death is better than the Day of his Birth. Whence the Time of the Martyrs Deaths was
Page 44 - was always precedent to the Lord's Supper ; and none were admitted to receive the Eucharift, till they were baptized. This is fo obvious to every Man, that it needs no
Page 170 - in the place of God, and the Presbyters in the place of the Council of the
Page 148 - or required not the Obfervance of them ; but from that, either they were not careful, or the Fury and Violence of the Times would not permit them to tranfmit them down to their
Page 88 - covetous. Moreover he muft have a good Report of them -which are without, left he fall into Reproach, and the Snare of the Devil.
Page 52 - & a baptifmo atque a gratia nemo prohibetur; quanto magis prohiberi non debet Infans, qui recens natus
Page 106 - whereunto, I find, that, in general, all Things relating to the Government' and Policy of the Church, were performed by their joint
Page 87 - born of Water, and of the Spirit, be cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.
Page 46 - guided as it were, •with one Divine Spirit^ cried out with one Mind and Soul, T'hat Fabianus was -worthy of the

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