An entire & complete history, political & personal of the boroughs of Great Britain: to which is prefixed an original sketch of constitutional rights, from the earliest period until the present time...

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Page 77 - House has met before that day, or will meet on the day of the issue), issue his warrant to the clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for electing another member in the room of the member whose seat has so become vacant.
Page 388 - His office, which continues alfo for life, is to affift the chancellor in the government of the univerfity, and to hear and determine capital caufes, according to the laws of the land, and the privileges of the univerfity.
Page 95 - ... accident to which they owed it, assailed him with a more advantageous offer. He informed them that he had but just formed the resolution, in consequence of a similar insult from their adversaries, of giving them his support ; but since he had discovered that they were both aiming at power by the same means, he was determined to vote for neither of them ; and to put himself out of the power of future temptation, he resolved to resign his gown as a, burgess of the corporation, which he did the...
Page 378 - ... pure from venality; and to prevent, by your influence, thofe under your government from being tainted by this growing and peftilential vice. How have you abufed this truft! You yourfelves have fet the infamous example of proftitution, in the moft public and daring manner. Surely you muft have felt fome remorfe from the generous difdain with which your corrupt offer was rejected by your reprefentatives.
Page 122 - Efq; is returned a Burgefs to ferve in this prefent Parliament for the Borough of...
Page 94 - The number of the body was at that time twenty-three, there being one vacancy amongst the aldermen, occasioned by the recent death of Lord Holmes. Eleven of them continued firm to the interest of the nephew, and the same number was equally eager to transfer that interest to Sir William Oglander and the Worsley family.
Page 377 - ... or venal motive. For if abilities and integrity are no recommendation to the electors, if those who bid highest for their voices are to obtain them from such detestable considerations, this House will not be the representatives of the people of Great Britain.
Page 118 - And a motion being made, and the queftion being put, that the faid...
Page 134 - Facing the entrance of the south door is the monument of Humphrey, brother to king Henry V. commonly distinguished by the title of the Good Duke of Gloucester. It is adorned with a ducal coronet, and the arms of France and England quartered. In niches on one side are severe teen kings ; but in the niches on the other side there are no statues remaining.
Page 119 - that the Consideration of the said Petition be referred to the Committee of Privileges and Elections; and that they do examine the Matter thereof, and report the same, with their opinion therein, to the House"69).

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