An Entrance Into the Sacred Language;: Containing the Necessary Rules of Hebrew Grammar in English ... Likewise, Some Select Pieces of Hebrew Poetry ...

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author, 1782 - Hebrew language - 232 pages
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Page 146 - David's time, the sceptre was in Judah, and from thence governors of that tribe, or of the Levites that adhered to it, (which was equivalent,) till Judea...
Page 172 - ... these interpreters. And they thenceforth became necessary not only for their help in the public synagogues, but also for the help of the people at home in their families, that they might there have the Scriptures for their private reading in a language which they understood. For, first, as synagogues multiplied among the Jews beyond the number of able interpreters, it became necessary that such versions should be made for the help of the less able. This was done at first only for the law, because...
Page xii - Without being acquainted with the Hebrew tongue, no man can be a critic upon the writings of the Old Testament.
Page xi - ... St. Paul, whose Epistles are a very great part of the New Testament ; Plato and Demosthenes are in many respects not so hard as even the easier books. The style, indeed, in the historical books, is plain and simple ; but, for all that, even those parts have their difficulty, — and the whole is writ in a language peculiar to the Jews. The idiom is Hebrew or Syriac, though the words be Greek, which makes some knowledge of those languages still necessary. Again, though it were not necessary to...
Page 206 - And the cow and the bear fhall feed ; their young ones fhall lie down together : and the lion fhall eat ftraw like the ox. And the fucking child fhall play on the hole of the afp, and the weaned child fhall put his hand on the cockatrice den.
Page 146 - Meshiha shall come, whose is the kingdom, and to whom all the kingdoms of the earth shall be obedient.
Page xiv - Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life ; and they are they which teftify of me.
Page 130 - God," who certainly knew what evil was fecreted in nature, though man did not, till his fall, after which he is faid to know it, in ver. zz, at tint he knew good only.
Page xi - Hebrew is so pregnant and rich in sense, that no translation can do it justice. The Rev. Anselm Bayley, LL.D., in the Preface to his Hebrew and English Bible, says, " It is a shame, if not a crime, for the clergy to be unacquainted with this language.
Page vi - Lati'n letters exaftly anfwering to the points, when fo many millions of hazards are againft them ? as he has in his Epiftle to Evagrius, concerning Gen. xiv.

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