An evening from among the thousand evenings which may be spent with "Punch": being a selection, from the "First fifty years of 'Punch,'" which are added...notes and comments

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Bradbury, Agnew & Co., 1900 - Caricatures and cartoons - 189 pages

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Page 33 - Turk, Where woman has never a soul to save, If this is Christian work ! " Work—work—work Till the brain begins to swim ; Work—work—work Till the eyes are heavy and dim ! Scam, and gusset,
Page 33 - Stitch ! stitch ! stitch ! In poverty, hunger, and dirt. "Work ! work ! work ! While the cock is crowing aloof ! And work—work—work, Till the stars shine through the roof ! It 's O ! to be a slave Along with the
Page 33 - I hardly fear his terrible shape, It seems so like my own, It seems so like my own— because of the fasts I keep, Oh ! God ! that bread should
Page 43 - That hate each other for a song, And do their little best to bite, That pinch their brothers in the thront;, And scratch the very dead for spite, And strain to make an inch of room For their sweet selves, and cannot hear The sullen Lethe rolling doom
Page 39 - an odour of musk so stifling that I determined to do battle with that .Snob, and that either he or I should quit the Inn. I first began harmless conversations with him ; frightening him exceedingly, for he did not know what to do when so attacked, and had never the slightest notion that anybody would take
Page 67 - When the candles burn low, and the company's gone, In the silence of night as I sit here alone— I sit here alone, but we yet are a pair— My FANNY I sec in my cane-bottomed chair.
Page 19 - Next Tuesday the fire-insurance is due. I should like to know how it 's to be paid • Why, it can't be paid at all. That five pounds would have just done it—and now, insurance is out of the question. And there never were so many fires as there are now. I shall never close my eyes all night,—but
Page 33 - THE SONG OF THE SHIRT. WITH fingers weary and worn, With eyelids heavy and red, A Woman sat, in unwomanly
Page 39 - That name has spread over England like railroads subsequently ; Snobs are known and recognised throughout an Empire on which I am given to understand the Sun never sets. Punch appears at the ripe season, to chronicle their history ; and THE
Page 67 - A smile on her face, and a rose in her hair, And she sate there, and bloomed in my cane-bottomed chair. And so I have valued my chair ever since. Saint FANNY, my

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