An Historical and Critical Essay on the Revival of the Drama in Italy

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Mundell and Son, 1805 - Italian drama - 320 pages
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Page 255 - ... In a polished age, like the present, I am sensible that many of these reliques of antiquity will require great allowances to be made for them. Yet have they, for the most part, a pleasing simplicity, and many artless graces, which in the opinion of no mean Critics * have been thought to compensate for the want of higher beauties, and, if they do not dazzle the imagination, are frequently found to interest the heart.
Page 196 - T.oll ingenious fatires that ever was made upon mankind ; but that winch was mod wonderful and aftonifhing was, that he himfelf perfonated the divine,, philofopher, lawyer, mathematician, phyfician, and foldier, with fuch an inimitable grace, that every time he appeared upon the theatre, he feemed to be a different perfon...
Page 264 - Folio, and call the previous publications ' stolne and surreptitious, maimed and deformed by the frauds and stealths of injurious impostors.' But this was printed from the playhouse copies ; which in a series of years had been frequently altered, thro' convenience, caprice, or ignorance.
Page 177 - In tbis tragedy, are many paflages perplexed, obfcure, and probably corrupt, which I have endeavoured to rectify, or explain, with due diligence ; but having only one copy, cannot promife myfelf that my endeavours fhall be much applauded.
Page 255 - d the foaring pinion down to earth. At laft the Mufes rofe, and fpurn'd their bonds, And, wildly warbling, fcatter'd, as they flew, 20 Their blooming wreaths from fair Valclufa's bowers To Arno's myrtle border and the fhore , Of foft Parthenope.
Page 188 - a remarkable correfpondency between " the manners of the old heroic times, " as painted by their great romancer, " Homer, and thofe which are repre" fented to us in the books of modern «
Page 258 - The Oratorio, a poetical composition formerly a commixture of the dramatic and narrative styles, but now entirely a musical drama, had its origin from San Filippo Neri, who, in his chapel, after sermons and other devotions, in order to allure young people to pious offices, and to detain them from earthly pleasures, had hymns, psalms, and such like prayers sung by one or more voices.
Page 7 - ... to whofe rude effufions the revival of the drama in Italy may perhaps, in a great degree, be afcribed. Such of the chieftains as had efcaped the perils of the...
Page 7 - ... enchanters, dragons, and the like monftrous and arbitrary notions, and the reafon is obvious : they were written at a time when a new and unnatural mode of thinking took place in Europe, introduced by our communication with the Eaft. Hitherto I have confidered the Saracens either at their immigration into Spain about the ninth century, or at the time of the crufades, as the firft authors of romantic fabling among the Europeans.
Page 128 - Di corimbi, e di verd' edere Cinto il capo abbiam così, Per servirti a tuo richiedere Festeggiando notte e dì. Ognun beva: Bacco è qui; E lasciate bere a me. Ciascun segua ecc.

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