An Index to the Islands of the Pacific Ocean: A Handbook to the Chart on the Walls of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Bishop Museum Press, 1900 - Islands of the Pacific - 170 pages

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Page 68 - Islands. I do believe there is no place in the World that is so plentifully stored with those Animals. The Guanoes here are fat and large as any that I ever saw; they are so tame, that a Man may knock down twenty in an Hour's Time with a Club. The Land-turtle are here so numerous, that...
Page 68 - The land-turtle are here so numerous, that five or six hundred men might subsist on them alone for several months, without any other sort of provision : They are extraordinary large and fat, and so sweet, that no pullet eats more pleasantly. One of the largest of these creatures will weigh one hundred and fifty or two hundred we'ght, and some of them are two feet, or two feet six inches over the callapee or belly.
Page 171 - Malabrigos (bad shelter) of Torres in 1543, but the identification is uncertain. Marakau = Marokau, of the Paumotu archipelago. Margaret, see Malabrigos above. Mongava, a name of Rennel, Solomon islands. Mongiki, a name of Bellona, Solomon islands. Nee, islet of Ontong Java. Niellei, Solomon islands. Nieue = Niiie or Savage. The Jurisdiction of Her Britannic Majesty's High Commissioner's Court for the Western Pacific was extended to Niiie October 19, 1899. Nufahana, Solomon islands. Nusakoa, Solomon...
Page i - An index to the islands of the Pacific Ocean: a handbook to the chart on the walls of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History.
Page 31 - Voyage round the World, more particularly to the Northwest Coast of America, in 1785-88.
Page 68 - The Spaniards, when they first discovered these Islands, found multitudes of guanoes (iguanas) and land-turtle or tortoise and named them the Galapagos (tortoise) islands. I do believe that there is no place in the world that Is so plentifully stored with these animals. The guanoes here are fat and large as any that I ever saw; they are so tame that a man may knock down 20 in an hour's...
Page 30 - PIGAFETTA (ANTONIO). Primo Viaggio intorno al globo terracqueo, ossia, Ragguaglio della Navigazione alle Indie Orientali per la via d'occidente, fatta dal Cavaliere AP sulla squadra del Capit.
Page 22 - Knight in the MS, a hand of the fifteenth century has scribbled the name Hugo de ; but little can be inferred from this piece of evidence ; while the lines by Wyntoun tend to connect the author with a set of poems differentiated linguistically and in technique from the poems in the Cotton MS. But this is not the place to enter into a discussion of the various problems connected with the identity of Huchoun : it is only necessary here to state that, in the opinion of the writer, the view which would...
Page 31 - L. de. — Voyage autour du Monde sur les Corvettes 1'Uranie et la Physicienne pendant les annees 1817 a 1820.

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