An Inquiry Into the Musical Instruction of the Blind, in France, Spain, and America: In a Letter to Samuel Henry Sterry, Esq., Chairman, and the Other Members of Committee of the School for Indigent Blind

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Page 21 - ... enabled to judge whether it has been properly understood. He does the same with the second violin, the altos, and the bass, and for the other instruments. The bar or movement is then played in concert, and the proper time and measure determined upon. The next bar is studied in the same manner, and so on throughout the piece. At the next rehearsal, he continues his instruction, and then he puts together the various morceaux that have been learned during the two sittings.
Page 5 - There seemed to be an indisposition to introduce embossed books ; though, after a long conversation with this priest, which was interpreted by a gentleman, a member of the municipality of Barcelona, he appeared to concur in my views of a literature for the blind, and begged me to send him some type from England, that he might print books on religious subjects in the Eoman capital letter.
Page 2 - Barcelona, who have established therein a very large school, divided into several sections, for the general instruction of children of young and of more advanced ages, and likewise for those afflicted with partial or total blindness. Unlike charitable schools in other countries, it is devoted exclusively to...
Page 3 - ... else. Indeed, as far as the males are concerned, there is little else in which they are proficient. The head master or director of the school spoke French, and therefore was enabled to carry on a conversation with me. I attended his class of instruction in the morning, and was astonished at the proficiency of his pupils.
Page 3 - ... by the brush of Murillo. The two under masters also gave instruction in music, and in the other branches of education; whilst a very intelligent priest attended to the moral and religious training of the little community. The music is not only read to the younger pupils, but intoned by the masters, whilst many of them write down on paper, by means of the frame and style of Mon.
Page 5 - I think, might be introduced into our English schools with advantage; it seemed to be very easily and quickly performed, and to be a pleasant work. One old woman was very dexterous with her fingers, and threaded her needles with her tongue, as other blind persons frequently do.
Page 4 - It is, however, in contemplation to establish a more permanent school, after our English models, when it is expected that the government and municipality will not only help it with funds, but will cause the pupils to be instructed in trades.
Page 6 - ... giving oral instruction as he passed. I received the very greatest attention and civility from the Court of Directors, all members of the municipality of Barcelona, none of whom had ever seen a blind school out of their own country, and who were necessarily most anxious to have the opinion of any one at all connected with a foreign school.
Page 5 - England ; as the seeing lead the blind into mischief, and rather trust to what little sight is yet left to them, than to proper oral and manual instruction. Some of the cases possessed a considerable amount of sight, whilst others were completely blind; the blind, as usual, being the more patient and persevering, and becoming the chief proficients in their art.

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