An Introduction to Chemical Crystallography

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John Wiley & Sons, 1906 - Crystallography - 123 pages
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Page 139 - Refining 8vo, 3 oo MINERALOGY. Barringer's Description of Minerals of Commercial Value. Oblong, morocco, 2 50 Boyd's Resources of Southwest Virginia 8vo, 3 oo Map of Southwest Virignia Pocket-book form. 2 oo Brush's Manual of Determinative Mineralogy.
Page 131 - Ganguillet and Kutter's General Formula for the Uniform Flow of Water in Rivers and Other Channels. (Hering and Trautwine.) 8vo 4 oo Hazen's Filtration of Public Water-supply 8vo, 3 oo Hazlehurst's Towers and Tanks for Water-works...
Page 129 - Chemistry i2mo, 2 oo CIVIL ENGINEERING. BRIDGES AND ROOFS. HYDRAULICS. MATERIALS OF ENGINEERING. RAILWAY ENGINEERING. Baker's Engineers' Surveying Instruments i2mo, 3 oo Bixby's Graphical Computing Table Paper 19^X24!
Page 125 - SHORT-TITLE CATALOGUE OF THE PUBLICATIONS OF JOHN WILEY & SONS NEW YORK LONDON: CHAPMAN & HALL, LIMITED ARRANGED UNDER SUBJECTS Descriptive circulars sent on application. Books marked with an asterisk (*) are •old at net prices only.
Page 139 - System of Mineralogy Large 8vo, half leather, 12 50 First Appendix to Dana's New " System of Mineralogy.'' Large 8vo, i oo Text-book of Mineralogy 8vo, 4 oo Minerals and How to Study Them I 2ttt0.
Page 135 - Wood's Rustless Coatings: Corrosion and Electrolysis of Iron and Steel. .8vo, 4 oo MATHEMATICS. Baker's Elliptic Functions 8vo...
Page 130 - Wilson's Topographic Surveying 8vo, 3 50 BRIDGES AND ROOFS. Boiler's Practical Treatise on the Construction of Iron Highway Bridges . . 8vo, 2 oo * Thames River Bridge 4to, paper...
Page 133 - Kinzbrunner's Testing of Continuous-current Machines 8vo, 2 oo Landauer's Spectrum Analysis. (Tingle.) 8vo, 3 oo Le Chatelier's High-temperature Measurements.
Page 140 - Goodrich's Economical Disposal of Town's Refuse Demy 8vo, 3 50 Hazen's Filtration of Public Water-supplies 8vo, 3 oo Kiersted's Sewage Disposal I2mo, i 25 Leach's The Inspection and Analysis of Food with Special Reference to State Control.
Page 127 - Electrolysis. (Eollwcod.). .8vo, 3 oo Cohn's Indicators and Test-papers i2mo, 2 oo Tests and Reagents 8vo, 3 oo Crafts's Short Course in Qualitative Chemical Analysis. (Schaeffer.)..

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