An introduction to the water-cure: a concise exposition of the human constitution, the conditions of health, the nature and causes of disease, the leading systems of medicine and the principles, practice, adaptations, and results of hydropathy or the water-cure, showing it to be a scientific and comprehensive system for the preservation and restoration of health : founded in nature, and adapted to the wants of man

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Fowlers and Wells, publishers, 1850 - Medical - 46 pages
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Page 34 - And the two kidneys, and the fat that is upon them, which is by the flanks, and the caul above the liver, with the kidneys, it shall he take away.
Page 24 - The effect of the delusion was really astonishing : for many quickly and perfectly recovered. Such as had not moved their limbs for a month before were seen walking the streets -sound, upright, and in perfect health.
Page 9 - ... or to see them turn their heads in other directions. Sir William could ride, but Lady Thwaite could not. She had never been on an animal more dignified than a donkey in her life. The redoubtable champion of Amazonian feats on foot among the beasts of the field and the birds of the air, the fine figure of a woman walking in her half-gipsy guise, was reduced to helplessness and sat like a sack of corn in the saddle. She was not too proud to conquer her deficiencies, she had courage enough to surmount...
Page 22 - ... to the first development of power, or, as it may be denominated, the first potence. The process is to be continued through twenty-nine additional vials, each of equal capacity with the first, and each containing ninety-nine drops of...
Page 22 - ... just been twice shaken,) is, in its turn,, to be shaken twice,* remembering to number the dilution of each vial upon the cork as the operation proceeds. These manipulations are to be conducted thus through all the vials, from the first up to the thirtieth or decillionth development of power, (potenzirte Decillion-Verdunnung, X.), which is the one in most general use.
Page 24 - It was publicly given out that three or four drops were sufficient to impart a healing virtue to a gallon of liquor. We now displayed our wonder-working balsams ; nor were even the commanders let into the secret of the cheat put upon the soldiers. They flocked in crowds about us ; every one soliciting that part might be reserved for their use.
Page 23 - Orange, anxious to prevent its loss, and unable to relieve the garrison, contrived, however, to introduce letters to the men promising them the most speedy assistance. These were accompanied with medicines against the scurvy, said to be of great price, but of still greater efiicacy ; many more were to be sent them. The effects of the deceit were truly astonishing. Three small vials of medicine were given to each physician.
Page 47 - Water-Treatment in Acute and Chronic Diseases ; an Explanation of Water-Cure Processes ; Advice on Diet and Regimen, and Particular Directions to Women in the Treatment of Female Diseases, Water-Treatment in Childbirth, and the Diseases of Infancy. Illustrated by Numerous Cases. By Mrs. Nichols. Price, 80 cents.
Page 23 - Among other misfortunes, the, scurvy made its appearance, and carried off' great numbers. This, added to the other calamities, induced the garrison to incline towards a surrender of the place ; when the Prince of Orange, anxious to prevent its loss, and unable to relieve the garrison, contrived, however, to introduce letters, addressed to the men, promising them the most speedy assistance.
Page 22 - If two drops of a mixture of equal parts of Alcohol and the recent juice of any medicinal plant be diluted with ninety-eight drops of Alcohol in a vial capable of containing...

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