An Obstetric Mentor, a Handbook of Homoeopathic Treatment Required During Pregnancy, Parturition, and the Puerperal Season

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Page 102 - Sudden and frequent loss of sight, with a sensation of a film before the eyes. The dimness of vision is greater after every headache. Paralysis of the upper eyelids so that they hang down. CHINA : She can only distinguish the outlines of distant objects. When reading the letters appear pale and surrounded with a white border. She sees better after sleeping. CICUTA : The letters seem to move about when she is reading.
Page 20 - Nausea and vomiting, with pro fuse running of water from the mouth ; worse at night and after sleeping, and relieved by a little food or drink. After vomiting, breaks out in a sweat, followed by sensation as of needles pricking her all over. Asthmatic sufferings. Nux v.: Nausea and vomiting in morning after eating. Thinks she would feel better if she could vomit. Food and drink smell bad to her, and she cannot bear the odor of tobacco. Bitter or sour taste, belching, eructations, hiccoughing, and...
Page 157 - In cicuta we find strange contortions of the body and limbs during the paroxysm, with blue face and frequent interruptions of breathing for a few moments. Kali brom. — This drug should be given in material doses. I usually give twenty grains at a dose, and employ it when there is a great deal of nervousness with or preceding the spasm. It may be administered per rectum. I have had, in a few cases, very gratifying results from passiflora in the tincture...
Page 72 - Pressure in the abdomen and small of the back, as from a stone, with disposition of the lower limbs to go to sleep when sitting, attended with ineffectual desire for stool."— Raiie.
Page 157 - She has a presentiment of the approaching spasm. She is in constant motion from the time she comes out of one spasm till she goes into another. The spasms are violent, and are preceded by a sensation of expansion of the whole body ; especially of the face and head.
Page 38 - ... thirst for very cold drinks ; vomiting of what has been drunk as soon as it becomes warm in the stomach ; painless diarrhoea, discharges watery, greenish or black, decomposed blood ; great sense of weakness and emptiness in the abdomen.
Page 156 - ... contracted (or rigid) os uteri. Belladonna is the chief remedy, and always the first to be considered in puerperal convulsions. The indications are too well known to need any description here. In cuprum the spasms begin as cramps in the fingers and toes, or in the whole extremities; or even in the abdomen. Spasms with or preceded by violent vomiting; opisthotonos with every paroxysm, with spreading out of the limbs and opening of the mouth. Gelsemium probably ranks next to belladonna in pregnancy...
Page 72 - Sensation as if everything would come out of the vagina; she has to cross her limbs to prevent it, [see Bell.] Prolapsus uteri and vagina, with burning pain in small of the back.
Page 185 - HGreat aversion to being alone. I Dread of labor. I Weeps much. I Alternating mood, atone time good and quiet, at another excited and angry at trifles; constantly...
Page 178 - Violent labor-like pains in uterus. Profuse lochia. Great sensitiveness to pain, becomes furious. 'She is very impatient, can hardly answer a civil question. Urine abundant and light-colored. Warm sweat about the head. COLOCYNTH. 'Terrible colicky pains, causing her to bend double, with great restlessness. 'Feeling in abdomen as if intestines were being squeezed between stones. Vomiting and diarrhoea, worse after eating or drinking, [Ars.] Bitter taste in mouth. Full, frequent pulse and great thirst....

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