An Old Indian Village, Issue 2

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Lutheran Augustana Book Concern, printers, 1900 - Human settlements - 80 pages

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Page 36 - A perlVot flint kuife. maker (Fig. 15). It is nearly five inches in length and measures almost two inches in width and not more than a quarter of an inch in thickness, with an even, sharp edge all around. Another flint which was sharp enough to be used as a knife, showed no finish whatever.
Page 72 - It would appear from this that Coronado, after leaving the village at or near Great. Bend, continued in a northeasterly course, and either followed down the Smoky Hill, or crossed that stream and also the Saline, Solomon, and Republican forks, reaching Kansas river not far from Junction City.
Page 6 - DC, 1891. But the greater observed frequency of antiquities east of the Mississippi river is to some extent due to a less complete knowledge of the western territory. A number of explorers have been at work in the eastern territory for more than three quarters of a century, while comparatively few have paid any attention to archaeological explorations on the west slope of the great central valley, and this for only the last few decades. This region has only tardily received the attention it deserves....
Page 3 - This will be his last as well as his first paper bearing on topics of this kind, unless, perchance, he should again find his residence in the front yard of some prehistoric domicile.
Page 25 - ... preceding paper from Beloit 2, near Glen Elder on the upper Solomon, and to that found on White Rock creek in Jewell county. Before leaving the subject of pottery, we wish to call attention to a sherd figured by Udden3 which is markedly unlike the usual product from Salina 1. To quote from Udden "... the sides of this vessel were quite thin, only little exceeding an eighth of an inch in thickness. The upper outer surface was decorated by straight parallel lines forming V-shaped patterns. Below...
Page 69 - The paper is well illustrated by a number of excellent figures, and it gives an instructive view of the culture of a frontier village, which exhibits a mingling of northern, southern and western features of primitive industry and art.
Page 72 - After learning what they could about the province, the Spaniards then .... retraced their steps for two or three days, where they provided themselves with fruit and corn for the return journey .... This place was probably but a few miles from the present Salina
Page 72 - by the needle." From these premises, which are broad enough to be safe, I should be inclined to doubt if Coronado went much beyond the south branch of Kansas river, if he even reached that stream. Coronado probably spent more days on his march than General Simpson allowed for, but I do not think that he traveled nearly so far as General Simpson supposed. Coronado also returned to Cicuye by a direct route, which was about two-thirds as long as that of the outward march. The distances given for...

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