An Outline of Progressive Lessons in Composition, Language and Spelling for the Third Grade ...

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A. Carlisle, 1912 - English language - 96 pages
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Page 92 - Begin with capitals the names of the days of the week and the months of the year.
Page 32 - Mitternacht it is ... one o'clock two o'clock three o'clock four o'clock five o'clock six o'clock seven o'clock eight o'clock nine o'clock ten o'clock eleven o'clock...
Page 20 - January April July October February May August November March June September December Every month in the universal calendar has 26 working days.
Page 14 - He looked at the shadow of his imago in the water. He thought he saw another dog with a piece of meat in his mouth.
Page 21 - THE VAIN JACKDAW A JACKDAW, having dressed himself in feathers *•*• which had fallen from some Peacocks, strutted about in the company of these birds, and tried to pass himself off as one of them. They soon found him out, and pulled their feathers from him so roughly, and in other ways so battered him, that when he would have rejoined his fellows they, in their turn, would have nothing to do with him, and drove him from their society, and told him— " // is not only fine feathers that make fine...
Page 37 - He wanted to hide it where no one else would find it. So one night he put the money in a sack and hurried away to the woods to hide it. There was a hole in the sack but the man did not know it.
Page 38 - THE CAT AND THE MONKEY." Once upon a time a cat and a monkey lived in the same family. One day as they were walking together, they saw some chestnuts roasting in a hot fire.
Page 40 - Mar. 9. September Sept. 4. April ....Apr. 10. October Oct. 5. May May 11. November Nov. 6. June June 12. December Dec.
Page 3 - An Outline of Progressive Lessons in Composition. Language, and Spelling for the Third and Fourth Grades.
Page 29 - Jack learned how to sail a boat in one lesson. 7. My teacher taught me how to read and write. 8. I learned how to read and write in a short time.

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