An outline of the metallurgy of iron and steel: prepared for the use of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass

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Page 173 - causes clinkers to fuse to the brickwork. Practice therefore demands that the thickness of the fire be limited, that steam be used to avoid extremes of temperatures, and that the mass be kept thoroughly broken by frequent poking.
Page 216 - ingots with one set of rolls to all sizes of squares and flats within the range for which the mill was
Page 173 - is not thoroughly broken up, no matter how thoroughly the upper part may be stirred ; the zone of combustion becomes honeycombed with large cavities, affording passage for undecomposed
Page 9 - It is proportional to the number of molecules of the dissolved substance, , in a
Page 98 - gas motors. Gas engines are now installed and in operation at the Buffalo plant of the company to the extent of some 5,100 horse power.
Page 142 - according to the use to which it is to be put, the
Page 144 - of SiO 2 , A1 2 O 3 , and Fe 2 O 3
Page 225 - that the difference in the rate of corrosion between wrought iron and soft steel is rarely enough to be of great moment, except perhaps in marine boilers,
Page 189 - Tensile strength, pounds per square inch . . . Yield point, pounds per square inch
Page 221 - cold chisels for cutting steel Cold chisels, shears, scissors, hatchets Axes, planes, lathe tools for copper Table knives, large shears, wood turning and cutting tools, cold chisels for soft cast iron.

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