Anabasis: Book I [-III], Book 2

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Page 138 - Verbs, Irregular and Defective; their leading formations, tenses in use, and dialectic inflexions ; with a copious Appendix, containing Paradigms for conjugation, Rules for formation of tenses, &c. &c. By JS Baird, TCD New Edition, revised.
Page 140 - Words, with their pronunciation, etymology, alternative spellings, and various meanings, illustrated by quotations and numerous woodcuts, there are several valuable appendices, comprising a Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World ; Vocabularies of Scripture, Greek, Latin, and English Proper Names ; a Dictionary of the noted Names of Fiction ; a Brief History of the English Language ; a Dictionary of Foreign Quotations, Words, Phrases, Proverbs, &c. ; a Biographical Dictionary with 10,000 Names, &c.
Page 128 - MA, Dulwich College. — Book II. By LD WAINWRIGHT, MA, St. Paul's School. Book III. By LD WAINWRIGHT, MA Book IV. By AS WARMAN, BA, Grammar School, Manchester.
Page 127 - ГТ^НЕ special object of the Series is to make the J. editions as interesting and helpful as possible to the intelligent learner ; and with this end in -view numerous ILLUSTRATIONS drawn from authentic sources have been introduced. These have been selected •with a view to explaining the text and making the reader familiar with Greek and Roman life. MAPS and PLANS are also given. The volumes are equipped with Introductions, Notes, Grammatical Appendices, and, in some cases, Exercises on the text.
Page 138 - BARRY. Notes on Greek Accents. By the Right Rev. A. BARRY, DD New Edition, rewritten, is.
Page 131 - CAMBRIDGE TEXTS WITH NOTES. Price Is. 6d. each, with exceptions. AESCHYLUS. 6 Vols. PROMETHEUS VINCTUS — SEPTEM CONTRA THEBAS — AGAMEMNON — PERSAE — EUMENIDES — CHOEPHOROE. By FA PALEY, MA, LL.D., late Classical Examiner to the University of London.
Page 138 - Fcap. 8vo, 2s. 6d. • CLAPIN. Latin Primer. By the Rev. AC CLAPIN, MA Fourth Edition. Fcap. 8vo, is. -COLERIDGE. Res Romanae, being brief Aids to the History, Geography, Literature and Antiquities of Ancient Rome for less advanced students. By EP COLERIDGE, BA With 3 Maps.
Page 138 - Jth edition. Fcap. 8vo, 2s. 6d. — Unseen Papers in Latin Prose and Verse. With Examination Questions.
Page 139 - Latinae ; or, First Latin Reading Book. With Notes and Vocabulary by the late REV. P. FROST, MA New edition. Fcap. 8vo, is.
Page 139 - Latin Accidence. By the Rev. P. Frost, MA Is. Latin Versification. Is. Notabilia Qusedam ; or the Principal Tenses of most of the Irregular Greek Verbs and Elementary Greek, Latin, and French Construction.

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