Analysis of Public Systems

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M.I.T. Press, 1972 - Municipal services - 532 pages
This book presents leading recent studies on the application of formal modeling for improved delivery of public services. It very significantly updates and extends the type of material found in "Operations Research for Public Systems" (MIT Press, 1967), which began to organize studies about public systems. Most of the chapters can be read with or without detailed consideration of their technical content. For clarity and compactness, much of the intermediate mathematical detail is referenced to other sources. The editors and authors have striven to make it possible for administrators, who may have limited analytic backgrounds, to use this book to develop their own views on the place of formal analysis in system planning and operation.Contents: "Introduction, " Alvin W. Drake, Ralph L. Keeney, and Philip M. Morse; "From Inside the System, " Frederick O'R. Hayes; "Analysis and Urban Government, " Peter L. Szanton; "Public Systems Analysis: A Consultant's View, " Martin L. Ernst; "Afterthoughts on Four Urban Systems Studies Performed with Small Cities, " W. Edward Cushen; "A Critique of Formal Analysis in Public Decision Making, " Ralph L. Keeney and Howard Raiffa; "Quantitative Models in Public Administration: Some Educational Needs, " Alvin W. Drake; "The New York City Fire Project, " Edward H. Blum; "Emergency Ambulance Transportation, " Keith A. Stevenson; "Improving the Effectiveness of New York City's 911, " Richard C. Larson; "Methods for Allocating Urban Emergency Units, " Jan M. Chaiken and Richard C. Larson; "Blood Bank Inventory Control, " John B. Jennings; "Library Models, " Philip M. Morse; "Efficient Operation of Runways, " Amedeo Odoni; "Post Office Mail Processing Operations, " Charles C. McBride; "Driver Accident Models and Their Use in Policy Evaluation, " Joseph Ferreira, Jr.; "Analysis of a Total Criminal Justice System, " Alfred Blumstein and Richard C. Larson; "Water Quality Management, " David H. Marks; "A Rational Approach for Government Decisions concerning Air Pollution, " Howard M. Ellis and Ralph L. Keeney; "Analysis in Health Planning, " Robert N. Grosse; "Puerto Rico's Citizen Feedback System, " John D. C. Little, Chandler H. Stevens, and Peter Tropp; "A Study of the Education Process: The Structure of a Lesson, " R. W. Revans; "Operations Research in University Planning, " Robert M. Oliver; "Use of Decision Analysis in Airport Development for Mexico City, " Richard deNeufville and Ralph L. Keeney.

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About the author (1972)

Ralph L. Keeney is a private consultant in San Francisco, as well as Professor of Systems Management, Institute of Safety and Systems Management, University of Southern California. He is coauthor (with Howard Raiffa) of "Decisions with Multiple Objectives", which was awarded the Lanchester Prize of the Operations Research Society of America.

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