Ancient Records of Egypt: The first to the seventeenth dynasties

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James Henry Breasted
University of Chicago Press, 1906 - Egypt

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Page 159 - such a way that a son was deprived of his paternal possession. I was one beloved of his father, praised of his mother, 'whom his brothers and sisters loved. First Nubian Expedition 358. The majesty of my lord sent me, to hack up Wawat (W
Page 227 - him who terrorizes them;" Approach them not alone. Fill not thy heart with a brother, Know not a friend, Nor make 'for thyself intimates, Wherein there is no end. When thou sleepest, guard for thyself thine own heart; For a man has no people, In the
Page 157 - 1 the heart of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Neferkere, who lives forever. I8 When he goes down with thee into the vessel, appoint excellent people, who shall be beside him "on each side of the vessel; take care lest he fall into the water. When [he] sleeps at night appoint excellent people,
Page 226 - distinguishing truth, For his son, the All-Lord; He saith: "Shine as a god! Hearken to that which I say to thee, That thou mayest be king of the earth, That thou mayest be ruler of 3 the lands,
Page 312 - records an expedition in the Wadi Maghara, which was conducted by a palace official named Sebekdidi-Ranefseneb. It reads: Year 41 under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, Nematre
Page 289 - but Sesostris III was now prepared to maintain the conquest. 652. 'Southern" 1 boundary, made in the year 8, under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khekure (Sesostris III), who is given life forever ' and ever; in order to prevent that any
Page 240 - My beauty shall be remembered "in his house, My name is the pyramidion, and my name is the lake, d Eternity is that excellent thing which I 1 have made; The king I8 dies not, who is mentioned by reason of his achievements. It is my name r —1 which is mentioned
Page 137 - The king had the treasurer of the god ferry over, together with a troop ^of sailors under his hand, in order to bring for me this sarcophagus from Troja; and he arrived with it, in a large ship belonging to the court, together with [its] lid, 7the false door; the
Page 168 - to another of his rank. Son's Burial 383. Now, I caused that I should be buried in the same tomb I6 with this Zau, in order that I might be with him in one place; I7 not, however, because I was not in a position
Page 303 - 689. He made (it) as his monument for his fathers, who are in the necropolis, the lords of this promontory; restoring what was found in ruin and renewing what was found decayed, the ancestors, who were before, not having done it. By the count,

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