Andy as I Knew Him

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If you're looking for adventure, action, suspense, drama, romance, and a mystery "who done it?" book, then this book was meant for you.

In this first mystery novel "Fools in New England" the author describes the detectives, their place on the planet, and what's been going on right under their noses. Detectives Alec Black and beautiful Marie Quilby find themselves involved in the midst of danger, which all starts with just a short trip to the local gas station.

"Who" was behind Richard's death?

"What" was the cause for Alec's pursuit?

"Where" was Marie when Alec needed her most?

"When" did Alec decide it was time?

"Why" was Rita shot and Marie concerned?

Marie managed to keep her wits about herself and the situation. Who knew Marie's ignited fury was capable of neutralizing the most knowledgeable experts in the field? Her abilities were what many would consider, a deadly force.

How was Alec to know how far Lieutenant Bill Rockwell would go, especially after Captain Sybinski, of the seventh police precinct, reprimanded his authority?

"What were you thinking, Sargent Fuz?" Bill shouted, as he stood behind his desk reaching for his black coffee smoking from the steam.

"This is out of your league Fuz. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal clear," Sargent Fuz, of the second shift, responded.

Alec Black knew exactly where he was going and knew his life was in danger. But he's been there before and knew the consequences.

"I knew I'd stumble across the truth," Alec thought, as he figured out Professor Johnson's position at the State college.

"Why that sun of a gun," Mr. Black grunted, knowing quite well he was on the right track.

Alec Black, better known as "Mr. B", had no client this tim

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