Illustrated Dictionary of Immunology

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Ane Books India, Sep 15, 2007 - Medical - 585 pages
Product Dimensions: 25x16.6x4 cm.Description: Immunology is an eclectic branch of biomedical science concerned with the response of the organism to immunogenetic challenge, the recognition of self from non-self, and all the biological, serological physical, and chemical aspects of immune phenomena. A new surge of discoveries at the cellular and molecular levels triggered extraordinary progress in this field. The impact of immunology on advances in medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering and a host of other fields has profound implication on our future. From the beginning, immunologists have maintained a unique nomenclature that has often mystified and even baffled their colleagues in other fields, causing them to liken immunology at "black box". This book is designed to offer immunologists and nonimmunologists alike a resource for many of the basic terms encountered in contemporary immunological literature. A conscious effort has been made to form a balance between providing a simple explanation that might be understood by some one encountering the term for the first time and producing an entry that is sufficiently detailed to meet the requirements of more advanced readers. There is an extensive system of cross referencing. A dictionary is hardly an original work, but rather a collection from the works of other writes. The author has freely consulted other standard books and scientific journals available in different libraries, so the author claims on originality of work

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