Ane sermon preichit befoir the regent and nobilitie... at the tyme of the generall assemblie on Sonday the 13. of Ianuarie, 1571

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Page 1 - I had bcne brocht vp in Germanic, or in ony vther countrie, quhair Christ is trewly preichit, and all thingis done decently and in ordour, according to Goddis word, and had hard of that puritie of Religioun that is amang zow, and for the lufe thairof, had takin trauell to visite this land, and then suld haue sene the foull deformitie and desolatioun of zour Kirkis and Tempilis, quhilk ar mair like to scheip cottis then the housis of God, I culd not haue judgeit that thair had bene ony feir of God,...
Page 1 - Raili vpon thame at zour pleasure, of thair doctrine (gif it serae not zour turne and aggre not with zour appetytis) ze ar becum impatient, and to be schort, we ar now maid zour Tabill talk quhome ze mock in zour mirrines & threatin in zour anger. I am compellit to speik this, thocht I be als plane as plesant, and appeir to zow as the greitest fule of...
Page 1 - ... that the pepill, without injurie of wynd or wedder, may sit and heir Goddis word, and participat of his haly sacramentis. And gif thair restis ony thing unspendit quhen this is done, (as na dout thair wil,) in the name of God, let it be bestowit on the next necessarie affairis of the commoun welth, and not to any mannis private commoditie.
Page 9 - XOBILITiE. 71 sustenit in all thingis riecessarie, 1 thocht sum of zow haue spokin in derisioun, that suppois ze be bound to sustene the Minister, quhat to do haue ze with his wyfe and children ? Brethren, for my part, I wald ze had Angelis to zour Ministeris, gif ze wer worthy of thame, or that it wer the will of God; bot seing that God willis not so, bot that ze salbe seruit be the Ministerie of men, it behouis zow to tak thame as thay ar, with all thingis that of necessitie belangis vnto thame,...
Page 3 - Sam. ticularlie to speik, seing that it is a commoun place continually taucht vnto zow in the Catechisme, and also becaus I purpois to intreit ane vther mater contenit in this Text mair at lenth. Nouther is it to be pretermittit that the Prophet vpbraidis the pepill of his tyme with the wickitnes and rebellioun of thair foirfatheris, quhilk suppois it appeir at the first to be vncurteously & vnjustly done, zit, gif we considder quhat maner of men he had to do with, we...
Page 1 - God let it be bestowit on the nixt necessarie affairis of the commoun welth, and not to ony mannis priuate commoditie. Except ze do this, God will not be with zow, nouther can ze haue ony prosperitie, bot the end of a cummer salbe the beginning of ane vther; bot gif ze will be obedient to his voice, he will be with zow, and blys all the warkis of zour handis, as 'he hes...

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