Angels, Aliens and Prophecy: The Connection

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"In Angels, Aliens and Prophecy, " Betsey Lewis, Intuitive, Earth Mysteries Investigator and host of Rainbow Visions Radio Show, explores the mysterious connection between angels and aliens since recorded history, and the startling prophecies given by these beings. Is it possible ancient aliens and time travelers have changed time lines and events? Absolutely says Lewis who investigated these enigmatic subjects for the past forty years. In 1983, Lewis uncovered surprising information about her UFO encounters from the hypnosis session conducted by renowned UFO investigator Ann Druff el, included in the book. A secret was given to Lewis as a child, but erased from her memory until recently. She reveals the secret, her predictions for 2012 and beyond, and the connection between angels and aliens. Earth has reached the twelfth hour where we can either create a new world or watch our planet die. It's up to us as Rainbow Earthkeepers to dream a new world into being. Discover what destiny awaits humanity and our planet. Something wonderful is going to happen, Lewis says! "Angels, Aliens and Prophecy" might forever change your views on reality, your place in the world and human destiny.

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This is one of the better alien books I've read recently. It draws upon the author's wealth of knowledge and ability to tie all the elements together--aliens, religious visions, alien abductees, time travel, parallel universes and prophecy. This book brings up many fascinating questions, but provides many tantalizing answers to the mysteries in our world that most books in this genre fail to do. Obviously, we aren't alone and these beings hope we'll awaken in time to save our planet. When will this author be a guest on Coast-To-Coast AM? Soon, I hope! 

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