Angels Are People Too and Other Life Lessons

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AuthorHouse, 2002 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 148 pages
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Give God a Chance is an effort to present the information in the Edgar Cayce readings in ways that are meaningful and useful to Christians of all persuasions, and even to those of other faiths. Give God a Chance consists of the following five sections:

PART I: The Edgar Cayce Readings
This part focuses on Edgar Cayce and the ways in which Cayce presented health and spiritual advice in what has been called readings. It also deals with the author's personal experiences with the readings. Various questions are asked in an attempt to compare the purposes of the readings with those of traditional Bible based, Christ-centered, faith in God.

PART II: God, Mankind, and Spiritual Laws
The readings begin with the assumption that all souls were created for the purpose of becoming companions with God. A creation cosmology is explored, which includes the possibility of the continuity of life extending into other times and places. God's justice and mercy are understood in terms of the law of cause and effect, the law of grace, and the law of love.

PART III: Christianity and the Cayce Readings
The Cayce information sheds new light on our ancient Scriptures. It gives us a unique perspective of Jesus the Christ and His mission. The history of the Church is explored from the early church onward to the vision of a more democratic, inspired, and unified Body of Christ in the future.

PART IV: Christian Spirituality Applied
The Cayce readings are a treasure of information about prayer, meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, and applied spirituality in all phases of our lives.

PART V: World Transformation
A Christian worldview is developed that emphasizes personal spiritual growth (a new heaven) through having in us the mind that was in Christ Jesus, and global transformation (a new earth) through the application of Christian spirituality in the world.

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