Angels of Atlantis: Receive Inspiration and Healing from the Angelic Kingdoms: Oracle Cards

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Independent Publishing Group, Apr 1, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit
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Inspired by the 12 archangels of Atlantis, these cards represent loving, wise guides and provide powerful counsel and healing. Each card presents a universal heart virtue, which seekers can use to navigate life's changes, blessings, and adversities, while each image alludes to the harmonious, enchanted elixir of well-being the angels bestowed upon the land. Packaged in a gorgeous box with a booklet for additional explanations and instructions, these beautiful inspirations are perfect for anyone looking for a deeper connection to the ancient realm of Atlantis.

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Following my recent review of Angels of Atlantis book, I have spent some time with the Angels of Atlantis Oracle cards, and enjoyed the direct and informative guidance received. It was delightful to see more of the images following my first introduction to twelve of the images within the book. Some of the images are earthly such as the temple at Abu Simbel in Egypt, The Tor at Glastonbury, others from classical artwork, and others are cosmic depictions. It is interesting when reviewing the cards over a period of time, somehow there are cards that never seem to enter your reading, perhaps one has not reached the state to need such guidance, or one already has reached that stage. I do not recall having selected the meditation card, then again, I meditate twice a day, and have done so for almost thirty years. The fusion of earthly imagery with cosmic orbs and stars, somehow seems to assist with grounding the cosmic elements into the physical elements, so that one can see the body is the final grounding point of the spiritual nature, and that one never needs to separate the two apart in ones mind.
The box set comes with a lovely little booklet in which Stewart Pearce shares his wisdom. The booklet guides you to connect with the Angels, in addition to offering wonderful guidance. With some of the cards you are offered a mantra to sound to integrate the message of the card on a deep level. Instructions are included for three choices of card spreads from a one-card spread; to a three-card spread, and for those desiring more information is a twelve-card spread. I have tried all three spreads, but mostly revert to the three-card spread or one-card spread, or sometimes I feel guided to select two cards to fully guide me through a particular issue. There is so much information to take in with each card, and given that you may view the information through the lens of focus of the particular issue you have requested assistance on, it could take a long time to truly absorb all of the wisdom with the little booklet. Each reading and therefore combination of cards, will create a different meaning overall, and of course as you absorb the different teachings, you will grow and evolve, at which time the card will mean something different at that point in time. Sometimes one particular sentence would leap out at me, other times the complete message was applicable to me, either way, the necessary soul lessons assisted me through a situation. Also there are prayers that are suggested to utilise for some of the cards, bringing further alignment to the divine.
Interestingly, in life’s situations, there may be times when there are many different energies that are not compatible to bring into your life fully side by side, and choices need to be made regarding what you wish to include in your life. What I have sometimes discovered is that there may be another choice that is neither of the energies, or somehow a higher version. Somehow it is not always possible to receive such insights unless in deep meditation. The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards assist you to penetrate the illusion and distortion, release the grip of the ego’s dualistic focus, and return to soul love and a life of light, where the best in life awaits you.
— Sarah Ince

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Stewart Pearce is an angelic facilitator, a seer, a sound healer, and an internationally renowned voice coach who has held positions at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Drama Centre of London. He is the author of The Alchemy of Voice and The Heart's Note. Richard Crookes is an artist and an illustrator who specializes in calligraphy and digital artwork.

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