Anglers (The Pocket Book): Or, Compleat English Angler: Containing All that is Necessary to be Known in that Art. Also, Nobbes's Celebrated Treatise on The Art of Trolling. With an Appendix, in which are Improvements and Discoveries, Never Before Published

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H.K. Causten, 1805 - Fishing - 148 pages

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Page 146 - ... air: blow the bellows gently, in order to inflate the lungs, till the breast be a little raised; the mouth and nostrils should then be set free, and a moderate pressure made with the hand upon the chest.
Page 74 - ... comes in October, or the beginning of November, you may lay aside your tackling for that season; for great rivers (like great vessels,) being long in" filling, and slowly mounting to their full height, are again long in falling and settling ; so that the water will be thick and out of order, except frost or fair weather comes to clear it.
Page 112 - I mean the arming wire, through his mouth, and out at his gills ; and then with a fine needle and silk sew the upper part of his leg, with only one stitch, to the arming wire of your hook ; or tie the frog's leg above the upper joint to the armed wire ; and, in so doing, use him as though you loved him, that is, harm him as little as you may possible that he may live the longer.
Page 73 - They leave the shallows and sands, and lodge themselves in pits and the deepest places. A pike is now very firm and fat, having had the benefit of the summer's food ; and if the weather continues open, and not extraordinarily cold, you may take in part of November, which will add much to your sport, because the weeds will be...
Page 48 - ... woods and groves he went ; There from the trees long rinds and crooks he brake, And made them hooks and lines the fish to take. In this rude sort began this simple art, The fish as yet had felt but little smart, And were to bite more eager, apt, and bold, In that first age, which was then all of gold : But when in time the fear and dread of man . Fell more and more on the...
Page 146 - FRANKINCENSE, is to be thrown gently into the Fundament, with a proper Instrument, or the Bowl of a Pipe covered, so as to defend the Mouth of tlie Assistant.
Page 60 - One of 40 inches (I said) might be of as many years old ; not that a Pike grows just about an inch in a year, that is hard to determine, some grow faster,. some slower, according to the diversity of the water and their food : river fish are thought to grow much faster than pond fish; except the pond is very large and has a good stream run through it ; there is nothing helps so much the feeding of a Pike as fresh water. That is the reason why a Pike will not bite well after a great rain, Jacks or...
Page 66 - May, he still gets higher, and advances himself into the shallows; and if unmolested there he will so continue most part of the Summer; in September, he begins to retreat again, and removes himself from his harbour to visit his winter quarters, which will be much the same as before, if no floods disorder him. This is his yearly course, to change according to heat or cold, so that a Pike, like a person of quality, hath both a winter and a summer house. As to his daily transaction, he thus disposes...
Page 70 - ... temperate. The great fish will be soonest enticed with the bait at that time of the year, because they lie deep, and are not so careful of their own preservation. There is another great advantage for the winter troller; the weeds are then down and rotten, which are a great hindrance, both against throwing the bait, and in keeping the fish from the sight of it.
Page 48 - ... when in time the fear and dread of man . Fell more and more on the creatures, they began To stand in awe of this usurping king, That did both seas and earth in thraldom bring. Twas then a work of greater skill to take The wary fish in any pond or lake. So worse and worse two ages more did pass, A.

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