Annals and legends of Calais


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Página 221 - The text is so pleasing that we scarcely dream of its sterling value ; and it seems as if, in unison with the woodcuts, which so cleverly explain its points and adorn its various topics, the whole design were intended for a relaxation from study, rather than an ample exposition of an extraordinary and universal custom, which produced the most important effect upon the minds and habits of mankind.
Página 1 - Are now confined two mighty monarchies, Whose high upreared and abutting fronts The perilous narrow ocean parts asunder : Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts; Into a thousand parts divide one man, And make imaginary puissance; Think, when we talk of horses, that you see them Printing their proud hoofs i...
Página 223 - was awarded by the French Institute to the author for this work *' Mr. Akerman's volume contains a notice of every known variety, with copious illustrations, and is published at a very moderate price ; it should be consulted, not merely for these particular coins, but also for facts most valuable to all who are interested in Romano-British History.
Página 195 - William, on returning home, after his first interview with Nelson, told Lady Hamilton that he was about to introduce to her a little man, who could not boast of being very handsome, but who would become the greatest man that ever England produced. I know it from the very few words of conversation I have already had with him.
Página 223 - The Anglo-Norman Period. Thick 8vo, cloth, 6s (original price 12s) Published under the superintendence of the Council of the Royal Society of Literature. There is no work in the English Language which gives the reader such a comprehensive and connected History of the Literature of these periods.
Página 222 - It must be observed that this is not a mere account of St. Patrick's Purgatory, but a complete history of the legends and superstitions relating to the subject, from the earliest times, rescued from old MSS. as well as from old printed books. Moreover, it embraces a singular chapter of literary history omitted by Warton and all former writers with whom we are acquainted ; and we think we may add, that it forms the best introduction to Dante that has yet been published.
Página 221 - English language), forming a complete key for the reader of our old Poets, Dramatists, Theologians, and other authors, whose works abound with allusions, of which explanations are not to be found in ordinary Dictionaries and books of reference. Most of the principal Archaisms are illustrated by examples selected from early inedited MSS. and rare books, and by far the greater portion will be found to be original authorities. NARES...
Página 224 - Esq. Medium 8vo, SECOND EDITION, 638 closely printed pages, in double columns, with about 1000 arms engraved on wood, fine portrait of JAMES I, and illuminated title-page, cloth.
Página 221 - The present volume is truly a worthy sequel (to the ' SURNAMES') in the same curious and antiquarian line, blending with remarkable facts and intelligence, such a fund of...
Página 222 - ... WESTMORELAND DIALECT, Mrs. ANN WHEELER'S Four Familiar Dialogues, with Poems, &c. ; and in the CUMBERLAND DIALECT, I. Poems and Pastorals by the Rev. JOSIAH RELPH ; II.

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