Annals of Philosophy, Or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts, Volume 4

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Robert Baldwin, 1814 - Science

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Page 57 - From these circumstances we have sufficient reason to conclude, that water is composed of a single ultimate particle of oxygen, and an ultimate particle of hydrogen, and that its atoms are incapable of uniting to a third particle of either of its constituents.
Page 448 - Having given the radius of an arc of any colour in the secondary rainbow, find the ratio of the sine of incidence to the sine of refraction when rays of that colour pass out of air into water.
Page 178 - With regard to the method of laying down the divisions of this scale, those who are accustomed to the use of other sliding rules, and are practically acquainted with their properties, will recognise upon the slider itself, the common Gunter's line of numbers, (as it is called) and will be satisfied, that the results which it gives are the same that would be obtained by arithmetical computation. Those who are acquainted with the doctrine of ratios, and with the use of logarithms as measures of ratios,...
Page 447 - An account of Observations made at the Observatory of Trinity College, Dublin, with an Astronomical Circle, eight feet in diameter, which appear to point out an annual parallax in certain fixed Stars : Also a Catalogue of North Polar Distances...
Page 177 - It is not my design, in the table which follows this paper, to attempt a complete enumeration of all those elements or compounds which I suppose, to be well ascertained, but merely to include some of those which most frequently occur.
Page 231 - Dr. Marcet, and Mr. Allen. — Experimental Philosophy ; by Mr. Allen. — Theory of Medicine, and Materia Medica ; by Dr.
Page 411 - How much of this is already removed by mining I do not know ; but the Newcastle collieries have been wrought for so many years to an enormous extent that the quantity already mined must be considerable.
Page 411 - ... millions of yards. According to this statement, the Newcastle coals may be mined to the present extent for 1500 years before they be exhausted. But from this number we must deduct the amount of the years during which they have been already wrought. We need not be afraid, then, of any sudden injury to Great Britain from the exhaustion of the coal-mines.
Page 304 - I observed one morning, in winter, that the insides of the panes of glass in the windows of my bed-chamber were all of them moist, but that those, which had been covered by an inside shutter, during the night, were much more so, than others which had been uncovered.
Page 131 - ... covering its eggs, which, when laid, look like small lumps of down on the leaves. The young Caterpillars are hatched early in autumn ; as soon as they quit the egg they set about spinning a web, and having formed a small one, they proceed to feed on the foliage, by eating the upper surface and fleshy part pf the leaf, and leaving the under-side and ribs.

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