Annals of Tryon County: Or, the Border Warfare of New York, During the Revolution

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J. & J. Harper, 1831 - Cherry Valley (N.Y.) - 269 pages
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Tryon County comprised all of the province west of the tier of counties on the west bank of the Hudson. Its name was later changed to Montgomery and the county has been many times subdivided.

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Page 189 - Prompted by these actual observations, I could not help taking a more contemplative and extensive view of the vast inland navigation of these United States, and could not but be struck with the immense diffusion and importance of it, and with the goodness of that Providence which has dealt His favors to us with so profuse a hand. Would to God we may have wisdom enough to improve them. I shall not rest contented until I have explored the western country and traversed those lines (or great part of...
Page 17 - TIME rolls his ceaseless course. The race of yore Who danced our infancy upon their knee, And told our marvelling boyhood legends store, Of their strange ventures happ'd by land or sea, How are they blotted from the things that be ! How few, all weak and withered of their force, Wait, on the verge of dark eternity, Like stranded wrecks, the tide returning hoarse, To sweep them from our sight! Time rolls his ceaseless course.
Page 76 - Rebellion has not been made a foundation for the completest system of Tyranny, that ever God in his displeasure suffered for a time to be exercised over a froward and stubborn generation. "Arbitrary imprisonment, confiscation of property, persecution and torture unprecedented in the inquisitions of the Romish Church, are among the palpable enormities that verify the affirmation.
Page 68 - Also 62 of farmers, killed in their houses ; the hoops red ; the skin painted brown, and marked with a hoe ; a black circle all round to denote their being surprised in the night ; and a black hatchet in the middle, signifying their being killed with that weapon.
Page 78 - The messengers of justice and of wrath await them in the field; and devastation, famine and every concomitant horror that a reluctant but indispensible prosecution of military duty must occasion, will bar the way to their return.
Page 112 - Butler, likewise a judge. The family were not active either for or against the country ; they wished to remain neutral, so far as they could, in such turbulent times ; they always performed military duty, when called out to defend the country.
Page 70 - I do not doubt but that your Excellency will think it proper to give some farther encouragement to those honest people. The high prices they complain of are the necessary effect of the war. Whatever presents may be sent for them, through my hands, shall be distributed with prudence and fidelity. I have the...
Page 70 - But now their bodies are become big as the elk, and strong as the buffalo ; they have also got great and sharp claws. They have driven us out of our country for taking part in your quarrel. We expect the great King will give us another country, that our children may live after us, and be his friends and children, as we are. Say this for us to the great King. To enforce it, we give this belt. ' A great white Belt with blue Tassels.
Page 189 - Chastellux, a foreigner, who was in pursuit of literary as well as of military fame, ' made a tour through the Lakes George and Champlain, as far as Crown Point ; then returning to Schenectady, I proceeded up the Mohawk River to Fort Schuyler, crossed over to Wood Creek which empties into the Oneida Lake, and affords the water communication with Ontario.
Page 96 - When Transatlantic Liberty arose, Not in the sunshine and the smile of heaven, But wrapt in whirlwinds, and begirt with woes, Amidst the strife of fratricidal foes ; Her birth-star was the light of burning plains ; Her baptism is the weight of blood that flows From kindred hearts — the blood of British veins — And famine tracks her steps, and pestilential pains.

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