Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns: From MDCCCVIII to MDCCCXIV.

Carey & Lea, 1831

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Página 41 - ... by promises of good treatment to remain, they were plundered, and .many of their houses destroyed on the night the enemy withdrew from their position; and they have since burnt every town and village through which they have passed.
Página 178 - Officers of the army has induced many to consider that the period during which an army is on service is one of relaxation from all rule, instead of being, as it is, the period during which of all others every rule for the regulation and control of the conduct of the soldier, for the inspection and care of his arms, ammunition, accoutrements, necessaries and field equipments...
Página 36 - Although the operations of this day were, by unavoidable accidents, not performed in the manner in which I intended they should be, I consider the action that was fought by the Light division, by Colonel Beckwith's brigade principally, with the whole of the 2nd corps, to be one of the most glorious that British troops were ever engaged in.
Página 178 - ... of his company or troop, if it is intended that an army, a British Army in particular, shall be brought into the field of battle in a state of efficiency to meet the enemy on the day of trial.
Página 230 - The column in filing out of the right of the trenches was, as before, exposed to a heavy fire of shells and grape-shot, and a mine was exploded in the left angle of the counterscarp of the horn-work, which did great damage, but did not check the ardor of the troops in advancing to the attack.
Página 138 - Portugal withdrew to a greater distance from us when it should have drawn nearer; and thus Lord Wellington has taken the place as it were in presence of two armies, amounting together to about eighty thousand men. This is the consequence of the want of a supreme chief. In short, I think the capture of Badajos a very extraordinary event ; and I should be much at a loss to account for it in any manner consistent with probability.
Página 23 - Majesty's Government. In him the Spanish army have lost their brightest ornament, his country their most upright patriot, and the world the most strenuous and zealous defender of the cause in which we are engaged ; and I shall always acknowledge with gratitude the assistance which I received from him, as well by his operations as by his counsel, since he had been joined with this army.
Página 41 - It is to be hoped that the example of what has occurred in this country will teach the people of this and of other nations, what value they ought to place on such promises and assurances, and that there is no security for life, or for any thing which renders life valuable, excepting in decided resistance to the enemy.
Página 236 - They were driven back, some of them even across the river, in the most gallant style, by the Spanish troops, whose conduct was equal to that of any troops that I have ever seen engaged ; and the attack having been frequently repeated, was, upon every occasion, defeated with the same gallantry and determination.
Página 41 - This is the mode in which the promises have been performed and the assurances have been fulfilled, which were held out in the proclamation of the French Commander-in-Chief, in which he told the inhabitants of Portugal that he was not come to make war upon them, but with a powerful army of 110,000 men to drive the English into the sea.

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