Annotated List of the Wild Flowers of California

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Levison Print. Company, 1917 - Botany - 156 pages

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Page 6 - There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore. There is society where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not man the less, but nature more...
Page 136 - Bambuseae) with usually hollow stems (culms) closed at the nudes, awl 2-ranked parallel-veined leaves these consisting of two parts, the sheath and the blade, the sheath enveloping the culm with the margins overlapping or rarely grown together; at the junction of the sheath and blade, on the inside, is a membranaceoits hyaline or hairy appendage (the ligule) rarely obsolete.
Page 78 - MADIA Mol. TARWEED. Erect annual and perennial herbs (one Mexican species shrubby), often glanular-viscid and heavy -scented. Leaves alternate (at least the upper), entire or serrate. Flowers yellow, opening in the evening and closing before noon of the next day. Involucre angled by the carinate or almost conduplicate bracts, these in 1 series, each completely enfolding its ray-achene with which it is deciduous, and with a free moderately long or short tip.
Page 61 - The bark is bitter, and has been used as a substitute for Cinchona bark.
Page 74 - Ill 34. GNAPHALIUM L. CUDWEED. EVERLASTING. Woolly herbs with sessile and commonly decurrent leaves. Heads white, yellowish, or rose-tinted, disposed in panicles, cymes, or spikes. Receptacle flat or convex, not chaffy. Involucral bracts scarious, imbricated. Pistillate flowers in several series, with filiform corollas. Central flowers hermaphroditefertile, with tubular 5-lobed corollas and entire obtuse styles. Pappus a single series of capillary...
Page 118 - Much used locally for fuel, but has no commercial use. Fremont cottonwood Is of very great service for protecting and holding the soft shifting banks of bottomland on western streams, where it is the only tree that marks their meandering courses.
Page 118 - ... yellow stems and midveins. dark yellow-green and smooth on their top sides, conspicuously silver-white beneath, where the midveins and terminal leaves are minutely hairy. Wood: Very little of the pale brown heartwood is formed, the main bulk of the trunk being sapwood. Not used commercially, but in the southern range at a low altitude, where fuel timber is scarce, It is locally used for fuel.
Page 117 - An infusion of the root is used by Spanish-Californians both as a liniment for skin troubles and as a tea for blood disorders.
Page 71 - It is also used in medicine and the dried plants are quoted at five to six cents a pound.
Page 138 - Autumnal form prostrate, spreading, repeatedly branching from the upper and middle nodes. Sandy shores and slopes and moist crevices in rocks. San Bernardino Mountains to British Columbia.

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