Annoyance, Loudness, and Measurement of Repetitive Type Impulsive Noise Sources

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The Office, 1979 - Noise - 152 pages
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Page R-17 - US Government Printing Office Washington, DC 20402, SD Cat. No. C13.10; 500-22 I | Order From National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Springfield, Virginia 22151 19. SECURITY CLASS (THIS REPORT) UNCLASSIFIED 20. SECURITY CLASS (THIS PAGE) UNCLASSIFIED 21. NO. OF PAGES 168 22.
Page i - ... investigation of the psychological and physiological effects of noise on humans and the effects of noise on domestic animals, wildlife, and property, and determination of acceptable levels of noise on the basis of such effects...
Page R-14 - Instrumentation Requirements for Measurement of Sonic Boom and Blast Waves — A Theoretical Study.
Page R-14 - Passchier-Vermeer, W.: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss From Exposure to Intermittent and Varying Noise.
Page R-13 - Temporary Threshold Shift in Hearing from Exposure to Different Noise Spectra at Equal dBA Level.
Page R-2 - Anderson, CMB and Robinson, DW, "The Effect of Interruption Rate on the Annoyance of an Intermittent Noise," NPL Acoustics Report Ac 53, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, England, 1971.
Page R-6 - Small, AM, Brandt, JF, and Cox, PG, "Loudness as a Function of Signal Duration.
Page R-9 - O. Juhl; Lyregaard, PE; and Poulsen, T.: The Round Robin Test on Evaluation of Loudness Level of Impulsive Noise.
Page R-10 - Reese, TW; Kryter, KD; and Stevens, SS: The Relative Annoyance Produced by Various Bands of Noise. IC-65, Psycho- Acoustic Lab., Harvard Univ., Mar. 1944.
Page R-6 - Miskolczy-Fodor, F. Relation between loudness and duration of tonal pulses. II. Response of normal ears to sounds with noise sensation.

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