Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction

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The University Press, 1908

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Stran 233 - ... a diploma issued by some legally chartered medical school, the requirements of which medical school shall have been at the time of granting such diploma, in no particular less than those prescribed by the Association of American Medical Colleges for that year...
Stran 91 - The instructors in English hold themselves ready to assist and advise competent graduate students who may propose plans of special study in the English language or literature. Such plans, however, must in each case meet the approval of the Department.
Stran 233 - University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Missouri University of Nebraska University of North Carolina University of...
Stran 13 - California, shall be entitled to a license to practice law in all the courts of this state, subject to the right of the chief justice of the supreme court of the state to order an examination, as in ordinary cases of applicants without such diploma or other evidence.
Stran 233 - University of California, Catholic University of America, University of Chicago, Clark University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, University of Illinois, Indiana University, State University of Iowa, Johns Hopkins University, University of Kansas...
Stran 19 - The causes and process of the Revolution, the formation of the Union, the rise and growth of parties, the development of democracy, the influence of the westward expansion and of slavery on political life, and the origin and significance of the more important economic questions will be discussed.
Stran 233 - Agriculture; and the five-year courses in the Colleges of Mechanics, Mining, Civil Engineering, and Chemistry: English, subject 1, 6 units; Foreign Language or Languages, Ancient or Modern, selected from subjects 6, 7, 8, 9, 15 — 12 units; United States History and Government, subject 5, 3 units; Mathematics, subjects 2 and 3, 6 units; Natural Science, subject 11, 126, 12c, I2d, or 12/, 3 units; Elective, 15 units.
Stran xliii - University, when said holder of such diploma shall have hail six months' training in one of the state normal schools of this State or has had eight months' successful experience in teaching in the public schools of California after graduation.
Stran 11 - The work in education has in view the professional training of three classes — those preparing to teach in secondary schools and colleges, those preparing to engage in school administration work, and graduates of normal schools who are making further preparation for teaching in elementary schools.
Stran 116 - The analytic geometry of the straight line, the circle, and the conic sections, including a discussion of the general equation of the second degree and some special examples of higher loci.

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