Annual Report, Volume 34

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Fourth report is accompanied by "Map and profiles of Iowa railroads, 1881".

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Halaman 32 - ... stations or station houses, or any change in its rates of fare for transporting freight or passengers, or any change in the mode of operating its road and conducting its business is reasonable and expedient in order to promote the security, convenience and accommodation of the public...
Halaman 80 - The question is not how much he makes out of his volume of business, but whether in each particular transaction the charge is an unreasonable exaction for the services rendered. He has a right to do business. He has a right to charge for each separate service that which is reasonable compensation therefor, and the legislature may not deny him such reasonable compensation, and may not interfere simply because out of the multitude of his transactions the amount of his profits is large.
Halaman xxii - We hold, however, that the basis of all calculations as to the reasonableness of rates to be charged by a corporation maintaining a highway under legislative sanctions must be the fair value of the property being used by it for the convenience of the public.
Halaman 30 - ... in a civil action brought in any court of competent jurisdiction...
Halaman 255 - Proprietary companies entire capital stock is owned by this company. 3. Line operated under lease for specified sum. 4. Line operated under contract, or where the rent is contingent upon earnings or other considerations. 5. Line operated under trackage rights.
Halaman v - You are, doubtless, uninformed how disproportionate the amount to be paid is to the work contracted for. I need not expatiate upon the sincerity of my course, when you reflect upon the fact that I have resigned the best position in my profession this country has ever offered to any man.
Halaman 13 - ... in which the expense occurred, in the office of the clerk of the district court, in the county in which the claim arose.
Halaman 90 - Texas shall have power, and it shall be its duty to fix and establish reasonable and just rates of charges for each class or kind of property, money, papers, packages and other things to be charged for, and received by each express company on all such property, money, papers, packages and things which by the contract of carriage are to be transported by...
Halaman 74 - one wooden crate of the dimensions of five feet by five feet in width and height, and six feet in length, (contents unknown).
Halaman 29 - Whenever, in the . judgment of the railroad commissioners, it shall appear that any railroad corporation, or other transportation company, fails, in any respect or particular, to comply with the terms of its charter or the laws of the state, or whenever in their judgment any repairs are necessary upon its road, or any...

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