Annual Report ..., Volume 7, Part 1900

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Page 127 - Such advertisement shall state the time and place for opening the proposals in answer to said advertisement, and shall reserve the right to the officer or board to reject any or all proposals.
Page 140 - AN ACT RELATIVE TO STATE HIGHWAYS. Be it enacted, etc., as follows : SECTION 1. Section two of chapter four hundred and ninety-seven of the acts of the year eighteen hundred and ninety-four is hereby amended by inserting after the word "file", in the fifth line of said section, the words : — a certified copy of, — and by striking out the last sentence of said section and inserting in place thereof the words : — No opening shall be made in any such road, nor any structure placed therein, nor...
Page 131 - States or its equivalent; and said scrip or certificates of indebtedness shall be sold and disposed of at public auction or in such other mode and at such times and prices and in such amounts and at such rates of interest, not exceeding the rate above specified, as shall be deemed best.
Page 119 - ... shall be filled by the governor with the advice and consent of the council. The members of said board may be removed by the governor with the advice and consent of the council for such cause as he shall deem sufficient, and shall express in the order of removal.
Page 3 - To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled. The undersigned...
Page 118 - SECTION 4. County commissioners and city and town officers having the care of and authority over public roads and bridges throughout the Commonwealth shall, on request, furnish the commissioners any information required by them concerning the roads and bridges within their jurisdiction.
Page 135 - ... shall apportion thereto from year to year an amount sufficient with the accumulations of said fund to extinguish at maturity the debt incurred by the issue of said bonds. The amount necessary to meet the annual sinking fund requirements and to pay the interest on said bonds shall be...
Page 139 - Said scrip or certificates of indebtedness shall be issued as registered bonds or with interest coupons attached, and shall bear interest not exceeding four per cent.
Page 134 - Construction, etc., of state the Massachusetts highway commission shall construct and highways. maintain that portion of the way between the inside lines of sidewalks upon either side. The sidewalks of said road sidewalks. may be constructed and maintained in accordance with the Public Statutes and amendments thereto, and the provisions of section six of chapter four hundred and ninetyseven of the acts of the year eighteen hundred and ninety-four shall only apply to that portion of the way between...
Page 120 - They shall make an annual report to the legislature of their doings and the expenditures of their office, together with such statements, facts, and explanations bearing upon the construction and maintenance of public roads, and such suggestions and recommendations as to the general policy of the commonwealth in respect to the same, as may s'eem to them appropriate. Their report shall be transmitted to the secretary of the commonwealth on or before the first Wednesday in January of each year, to be...

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