Annual Report, Volume 12

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Page 11 - Atwater-Rosa respiration calorimeter, by means of which the study of the application of the laws of the conservation of matter and of energy in the human body are being carried out with a completeness not previously attained.
Page 209 - The methods of analysis were those recommended by the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists. The results of the analyses as calculated to water content at harvest or at the time of analyses are given in Table 73, page 280, which follows the description of samples. In this table the materials are grouped somewhat according to their water content at time of taking samples, as follows: Green...
Page 4 - Agricultural Experiment Stations, and an Act of the General Assembly approved March 19, 1895, relating to the publication of the Reports of the Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station, we have the honor to present herewith the Twelfth Annual Report of that Station, namely, that for the year 1899.
Page 126 - Stations, provided for under this subsection. (c) Three per centum of the sums appropriated for any fiscal year under this section shall be available to the Office of Experiment Stations of the United States Department of Agriculture for administration of research under this section, including participation in planning and coordinating the cooperative regional research.
Page 2 - The Station is located at Mansfield (PO Storrs), as a department of the Connecticut Agricultural College. The chemical and other more abstract research is carried out at Wesleyan University, Middletown, where the Director may be addressed.
Page 119 - Wheat flour: Family and straight grade High grade Wheat preparations: Breakfast foods Macaroni Macaroni, cooked Spaghetti Noodles Bread: Brown Corn (johnnycake) . . . Rye Graham Whole wheat White wheat Biscuit, soda* Rolls Toasted bread Crackers : Boston (split) Milk, cream Graham Oyster Soda Water Cakes, cookies, etc.: Bakers...
Page 177 - A comparison of the yields from the two series, the one with and the other without the extra lime, is given in the following table. The figures in this table are the averages of the results of the experiments of 1898 and 1899 given in Tables 37 and 38 following.
Page 69 - The experiments give data for comparing the availability and fuel value of alcohol with those of the nutrients of ordinary food. The word " availability" as here applied to the ordinary nutrients, expresses the proportion which is digested and made available for the building and repair of tissue and the yielding of energy. This proportion is the difference between the total amount and that excreted by the intestines.
Page 130 - Weights and percentages of food materials and nutritive ingredients used in dietary study No.
Page 72 - Bv this is understood the energy (heat of combustion) of the material of the food which is oxidized, ie, capable of oxidation in the body. For the total food it is the total energy less that of the corresponding unoxidized materials of the feces and urine. For the protein it is likewise the total heat of combustion less that of the corresponding unoxidized residues of these excerptions. For the fats and carbohyd rates it is the total energy less the energy of the corresponding unoxidized material...

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