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Page 85 - in detail of the expenditures on account of the Board of Education for the school year ending June 30, 1899, as follows : SCHOOL TAX FUND. SALARIES— Superintendents and teachers
Page 11 - REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT. REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT. To the Board of Education of the City of Chicago: I beg to present herewith my first annual report as President, and desire to again express my gratitude to you, my colleagues for the confidence, honors and support so unanimously accorded me. The following tables contain items of valuable information and explain themselves.
Page 103 - McAuley & Lake Property," being the W. 25 feet of Lot 6, in Block 10, in Auburn Park 3,750 00 Total real estate $ 11,700 00 Cash in hands of Wm. AS Graham, School Agent, June
Page 106 - 5 5 6 5 6 5 5 5 5 5CONDENSEDSTATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR 1898-9. To the Board of Education of the City of Chicago : The total available for the school year, ending June 30, 1899, was as follows: Cash balances on hand June SO,
Page 124 - do not embrace the summaries for the kindergartens. The total enrollment of pupils during the year was 242,807, an increase of 6,568 or 2.8 per cent over that of the preceding year. The average daily membership was 204,731, an increase of 5,110 or 2.6 per cent over that of the preceding year. The average daily attendance was 190,842,
Page 108 - books, etc 50,780 44 English High and Manual Training School— Teachers' salaries $ 30,464 50 Salaries engineer and janitor,rent, fuel, gas and electric light, electric motor, machinery and tools, lumber, hardware, nails, laboratory supplies, foundry supplies, printing, drawing supplies, reference books, rebinding books, maps, charts, piano, cases, desks and typewriters, electric wiring, miscellaneous repairs, electric power for running machinery.
Page 71 - TABLE XVI. Data—Eight pupils (4 boys and 4 girls) were each tested nine times during the day. Each test consisted of 90 seconds' work. A weight of 3 kg. was lifted every other second.
Page 122 - 225,718 236,239 242,807 The following statement exhibits the number in every one hundred pupils under the ages given for each of the past six years : 1894-95. 1S95-96.
Page 120 - PUPILS. The following statement exhibits the enrollment, membership, attendance and promotions for each of the departments of our public school system for the last school year
Page 70 - Power Throughout the School Day as Determined by the Ergographic Records Made by No. 498. TABLE XV. Data—The weight, 3 kg., was lifted once in two seconds for 90 seconds.

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