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Page 73 - Pendleton, him the said Alexander Hamilton in manner and by the means aforesaid, feloniously, wilfully and of their malice aforethought, did kill and murder against the peace of the People of the State of New York and their dignity.
Page 72 - William Turner, WH George, good and lawful householders of the township of Washington, who, being duly sworn and charged diligently to enquire and true presentment make, how and in what manner, and by whom the said Jesse W. James came to his death, upon their oaths do say: That the body of the deceased is that of Jesse W. James and that he came to his death by a wound in the back of his head, caused by a pistol shot fired intentionally by the hand of Robert Ford, in witness whereof as well...
Page 7 - GENTLEMEN: I have the honor to submit the fourteenth annual report of the Wisconsin Soldiers' Orphans' Home, setting forth the transactions of this offise for the year ending September 30, 1879.
Page 22 - Kingdom, but the fact of its small population places it in the second rank of coalproducing countries. While the continued output of. these three countries has kept pace with the production of the rest of the world, their relative position has been materially altered. In 1868 the United Kingdom produced over three times as much as either the United States or Germany, the output of these countries being approximately 52, I4'S, and 16-5 per cent, of the world's production.
Page 22 - Argentine exports of animals and animal products were the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany, in the order named.
Page 69 - How long have you known him ? A. I have known him ever fince the year 1793.
Page 100 - Company, which was incorporated under the laws of New Jersey, with a capital stock of...
Page 21 - The rapidity with which the production of coal has increased may be appreciated when we consider the present volume of that production and reflect in how recent a time the production formed but a very small fraction of that quantity.
Page 7 - Governor of Missouri: Sir — In obedience to the requirement of law, I have the honor to submit the Fifteenth annual report of the Inspector of Coal Mines.
Page 52 - Weld counties, parties of the first part, and the United Mine Workers of America, parties of the second part.

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