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This book contains a great deal of historical information. Many more of these annual reports for all states need to be digitized and made available to the public. Unfortunately when they digitized this 1899 Missouri report they left out pages 195 and 196.

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Page 234 - Canada, with an authorized capital of $250,000. divided into 25,000 shares of the par value of $10. each.
Page 20 - The same general laws of resistance show us that if we could reduce the velocity of the air, consistently with increasing the quantity circulating in a minute, we should greatly lessen the friction in comparison with the quantity of air circulating, and so obtain an increased quantity for the same amount of friction, or by the same ventilating pressure. This object is accomplished by splitting the air, so that instead of allowing the whole of the air to traverse the whole of the workings...
Page 173 - ... methods of operating have undergone almost a complete change as far as the use of machinery is concerned. The old hand system of cleaning the ore is passing rapidly away, and, except in the development of new mines, where the extent of the ore-runs is a more or less uncertain quantity, the hand-jig is seldom seen. In our opinion it would be a conservative estimate to say that at least $10,000,000 of Eastern and other capital outside the State has been invested in the mines of Missouri since the...
Page 21 - As every year's labor in a mine is over new ground, the air passages are required to be carried forward as the openings are extended. More pressure and propelling force is needed or larger...
Page 18 - When the air courses are thirty-six feet of sectional area the furnace should be six feet wide and three feet high above the bars. A wide furnace will do better service than a high one of the same sectional area, because it admits of a thin fire, which more effectually heats the passing column of air.
Page 36 - Deceased was loading a car of coal at the face of his room when a large piece of slate fell, striking his head, killing him instantly.
Page 234 - ... per acre. The revenue derived from lands not irrigated was approximately one third of the canal company's total revenue. In 1916, the canal company had approximately 225 customers. 3. Canal Company's Finances. The canal company has an authorized issue of $400,000 par value of common capital stock, divided into 40,000 shares of the par value of $10 each. This capital stock was all issued, at the time of the canal company's incorporation, in exchange for the water system at that time conveyed to...
Page 170 - From the foregoing table it will be observed that the increase in the value of the combined output of our coal, lead and zinc mines over last year was nearly 40 per cent.
Page 17 - The men and stock must be supplied with the proportion of fresh air required by each for respiration, and since a man at hard work requires from two to three times as much air as when otherwise engaged, the supply must be proportionately increased. Added to the amount required simply for respiratory purposes, is the quantity requisite for maintaining clear lights. 2. An additional amount is required for the purpose of counteracting the vitiation of the mine atmosphere, due to the...
Page 193 - ... the leg was so badly broken that it had to be amputated. He died twentythree hours after accident.

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