Annual Report, Volume 98

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From 1889 to 1918 the reports consist of the Report of the director and appendixes, which from 1893 include various bulletins issued by the library (Additions; Bibliography; History; Legislation; Library school; Public libraries) These, including the Report of the director, were each issued also separately.

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Page 45 - ALA catalog, pt 1, p. 242, and the Supplement, 1904-11, p. 177. White, SE Blazed trail. Grosset 6oc A young lumberman's struggle with a powerful and unscrupulous firm. Realistic descriptions of life in a Michigan logging camp.
Page 17 - American trees and shrubs: a concise description of the character and color of species common throughout the United States, together with maps showing their general distribution.
Page 27 - Adventures of a family of boys and girls who, with their parents, settled in Kansas in 1866 when it was the frontier and Indians and wild animals abounded. Irving, Washington. Sketch book. 2 v. Putnam $1.25 ea. The most famous of these stories and sketches of Europe and America are the two legends of the Hudson valley, Rip van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Jackson, HH Ramona. Little $1.50 Indian romance of southern California; strong plea for justice to the Indian. Jacobs, WW Light freights....
Page 50 - Catalogue of books mostly from the presses of the first printers showing the progress of printing with movable metal types through the second half of the fifteenth century. Collected by Rush. C. Hawkins, catalogued by Alfred W. Pollard and deposited in the Annmary Brown memorial at Providence, Rhode Island. Oxford, printed at the University press at the cost of RC Hawkins, 1910.
Page 11 - ... of Custer's last rally in the valley of the Little Big Horn and his defeat by Sitting Bull, the medicine chief of the Sioux and crafty master of the Strong Hearts.
Page 35 - America, shall come to settle in, and become subjects of, this state, shall take an oath of allegiance to this state, and abjure and renounce all allegiance and subjection to all and every foreign king, prince, potentate, and state, in all matters, ecclesiastical as well as civil.
Page 22 - Day of glory (Holt $i), (the day of the signing of the armistice) is similar to Home fires in France. Ford, PL The honorable Peter Stirling. Grosset 6oc ; Holt $1.50 Story of New York municipal politics and the love affair of the statesman hero who maintains his political ideals. Fothergill, Jessie. The first violin. Burt $i Pictures of German musical life, hero leader of an orchestra in Diisseldorf.
Page 10 - Doubleday $1.20 n Warmly human character study of a newly rich and rather vulgar English family, to whose real dignity and nobility of character their aristocratic daughter-in-law is blind.
Page 31 - Ferrero (Students' ed., Putnam $1.50) has brilliant and extremely readable studies of the great men and -women of ancient Rome and of critical moments and events in Roman history. Russia 914.7 Baring, Maurice. The mainsprings of Russia. Nelson $i A sympathetic survey of Russian character, government, church, judicial system, etc., introduced by a brief historical retrospect. 914.7 Selected articles on Russia, comp. by FE Fanning (Wilson $1.50) is a comprehensive book, covering many topics, and useful...

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