Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Wisconsin, Volume 17

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Page 347 - June 30, 1898 ; that we have found the same well kept, and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the treasurer of the United States are shown to have been $15,000, and the corresponding disbursements $15,000, for all of which proper vouchers are on file, and have been by us examined and found correct, thus leaving no balance.
Page 337 - ... or material sampled, the name of the party from whose stock the sample was drawn and the time and place of drawing, and said label shall also be signed by the director or his deputy and by the party or parties in interest or their representative at the drawing and sealing of said samples; one...
Page 336 - ... shall so request, by a sealed glass jar or bottle containing at least one pound of the feeding stuff to be sold or offered for sale, and the company or person furnishing said sample shall thereupon make affidavit that said sample corresponds within reasonable limits to the feeding stuff which it represents, in the percentage of protein and fat which it contains.
Page 337 - ... article. The result of the analysis of the sample or samples so procured, together with such additional information as circumstances advise, shall be published in reports or bulletins from time to time.
Page 337 - Director or his deputy and by the party or parties in interest or their representative at the drawing and sealing of said samples; one of said duplicate samples shall be retained by the Director and the other by the party whose stock was sampled; and the...
Page 257 - Before any commercial fertilizer is sold or offered for sale, the manufacturer, importer or party who causes it to be sold or offered for sale within this State, shall file with the secretary of the State...
Page 337 - ... equal samples, and placed in glass vessels, and carefully sealed and a label placed on each, stating the name of the party from...
Page 64 - It should be kept under lock and key until tested. The test is proceeded with as soon as convenient, after the milk has cooled to ordinary room temperature. 6. Fat determinations are always made in duplicate, and the average of the two determinations recorded on the record sheet.
Page 336 - Every manufacturer, importer, agent or seller of any such fertilizer or material shall pay annually to said director for each brand thereof sold within this state the sum of twenty-five dollars, and upon doing so and complying with the other provisions of law shall receive from him a certificate of such compliance which shall be a license for the sale of each brand thereof within the state for the calendar year for which such fee is paid.
Page 336 - ... a plainly printed statement clearly and truly certifying the number of net pounds in...

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