Annual Report of the Athens City Schools, Athens, Georgia

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Page 22 - He shall devote himself to the study of our School System, and of the condition of the Schools, and shall keep himself acquainted with the progress of instruction and discipline in other places, in order to suggest appropriate means for the advancement of the Public Schools in this city.
Page 42 - The school committee shall appoint a secretary and keep a permanent record book, in which all its votes, orders and proceedings shall by him be recorded.
Page 21 - Sec. 15. It shall be the duty of the Principal of the school to make a detailed annual report to the Board of Trustees, with a catalogue of the pupils, and such other particulars as the Board may require or he may think useful. It shall also be his duty, authorized by the Board, to attend County Institutes, and lecture before them on subjects relating to public...
Page 43 - He shall conduct the correspondence of the Board and notify all members of special meetings and adjourned meetings: he shall also notify the teachers and janitors of their appointment, assignment...
Page 20 - They shall endeavor, on all proper occasions, to inculcate on their pupils truthfulness, self-control, temperance, frugality, industry, obedience to parents, reverence for the aged, forbearance toward the weak, respect for the rights of others, politeness to all, kindness to animals, desire for knowledge, and obedience to the laws of God ; but no teacher shall exercise any sectarian influence in the schools. The...
Page 42 - ... head of the police of the village, he shall maintain peace and good order, and have the power of arrest for such purpose. If the president shall be unable to perform the duties of his office, the board of trustees shall appoint one of their number to preside at their meetings, and he shall be vested with all the powers and perform all the duties of the president of the village until the president shall resume his office or the vacancy shall be filled according to law.
Page 16 - No scholars shall be allowed to retain their connection with any of the public schools, unless they...
Page 42 - He shall notify all stated and special meetings ; he shall notify the Chairman of every Committee appointed, stating the commission, and the names of the members associated with him ; he shall notify the * See p.
Page 42 - Chairman or by any two members thereof; he shall notify the instructors of their appointments, and shall give such other notices as the Board may require. SECT. 3. He shall prepare the annual report required...
Page 6 - I have not had the opportunity of expressing in person my thanks for the uniform courtesy and kindness with which I have been treated by every member of the Board.

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