Annual Report of the Benevolent Fraternity of Churches in the City of Boston

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Page 3 - ... the true doctrine of love, and by understanding the true bond of society, should do most for their fellow-beings I wish that this may be an object in your tracts. I would ask, whether this object may not be distinctly recognized in the constitution of all auxiliary societies, and whether, indeed, it may not be made the leading trait of a Unitarian, that he is a man who sympathizes with and respects the less favored classes of society, and that he is pledged to use all his powers for their elevation.
Page 4 - ... experience and success. I well remember the effect which contact with the poor produced on his mind. He had loved them when he knew little of them ; when their distresses came to him through the imagination. But he was a proof that no speculation or imagination can do the work of actual knowledge. So deep was the sympathy, so intense the interest which the poor excited in him, that it seemed as if a new fountain of love had been opened within him. No...
Page 35 - Union, as set forth in its original circular, — ''to make a social home for young men, to stimulate a better intellectual life, to promote good citizenship, and to lend a hand wherever needed," — remain the same, the means used have been, and must of a necessity be, elastic.
Page 4 - Tuckerman that he should so largely have anticipated the principles and methods of modern and scientific charity. A competent and careful student of Dr. Tuckerman's writings, Rev. Dr. Francis G. Peabody, tells us that "he anticipated in the most extraordinary degree all the principles of modern scientific charity. He discussed all the problems which are now confronting the modern world and offered wise and prophetic answers to them.
Page 48 - Without their help it would have been impossible for me to have carried on the work successfully.
Page 9 - ... the moral and religious instruction and the improvement of the poor and persons who have no usual place of religious worship in the city of Boston and vicinity.
Page 13 - ... AND SUNDAY-SCHOOL. Three interesting anniversaries have passed during the year. In September Mr. Winkley, our Pastor Emeritus, completed his sixtieth year of his service in the ministryat-large. Since his retirement from active work in 1896 he has given the church his constant sympathy, assistance and advice, and the abundant love with which his heart is always overflowing. On December gth the eightieth anniversary of the Howard Sunday-school, and also of the beginning of Dr. Tuckerman's work,...
Page 10 - CHURCH. IN April 1857 the Benevolent Fraternity voted to employ the minister of a non-sectarian Union Chapel, which had been founded in 1855 at Washington Village, South Boston, as a minister-at-large, and in 1859 this property was wholly transferred to the Fraternity. As the neighborhood became more populous and other churches were started, this church, becoming more strictly Unitarian, changed its name to Unity Chapel. Finally, as Catholics had succeeded to the former Protestant population, the...
Page 3 - A new spirit should possess all who labor in this cause. The signs of the times point to a great modification of society, founded on the essential truth that the chief end of the social state is the elevation of all its members as intelligent and moral beings. The present selfish, dissocial system must give way to Christianity. The time is come when religious bodies will be estimated by the good they do, when creeds are to be less the test of the Christian.
Page 50 - The Executive Committee holds its regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month, except July, August and September.

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