Annual Report of the Board of Indian Commissioners to the Secretary of the Interior ..., Volume 30

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1899

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Halaman 5 - An act for the relief and civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota.
Halaman 6 - Entrance, be, and the same is hereby, set apart as a reservation for the use of the Metlakahtla Indians, and those people known as Metlakahtlans who have recently emigrated from British Columbia to Alaska, and such other Alaskan natives as may join them...
Halaman 18 - About three-fourths of the allotted farming land is under cultivation. 5. As yet no land has been leased. 6. In my opinion no steps could have been taken which would benefit more these Indians than allotting land in severalty to them. With the exception of a very few malcontents, found everywhere, each allottee appreciates now fully the privilege of being the exclusive owner of a piece of land which he positively knows belongs to him and his family. It gives them a greater inclination toward farming,...
Halaman 30 - DARWIN R. JAMES, chairman 226 Gates avenue, Brooklyn, NY MERRILL E. GATES, secretary 1429 New York avenue, Washington, DC ALBERT K. SMILEY Mohonk Lake, NY WILLIAM H. LYON 170 New York avenue, Brooklyn, NY JOSEPH T. JACOBS Detroit, Mich.
Halaman 30 - L. Thompson, DD, 156 Fifth avenue, New York. Presbyterian (Southern) Home Mission Board: Rev. JN Craig, DD, Atlanta, Ga.
Halaman 30 - Fourth avenue and Twentysecond street, New York. Friends' Yearly Meeting : Levi K. Brown, Goshen, Lancaster County, Pa. Friends' Orthodox : EM Wistar, 705 Provident Building, Philadelphia, Pa.
Halaman 9 - The ratio of the good to the bad is remarkable from any standpoint, but is emphasized particularly as showing the value of an educational system which can in a generation develop from savages 76 per cent of good average men and women, capable of dealing with the ordinary problems of life and taking their places in the great body politic of our country.
Halaman 30 - HENRY B. WHIPPLE Faribault, Minn. WILLIAM M. BEARDSHEAR Ames, Iowa. SECRETARIES OF MISSIONARY SOCIETIES ENGAGED IN EDUCATIONAL WORK AMONG INDIANS. Baptist Home Missionary Society : Rev. TJ Morgan, DD, Ill Fifth avenue, New York. Baptist (Southern) : Rev. IT Tichenor, DD, Atlanta, Ga.
Halaman 5 - THE BOARD. No change in the membership of the Board has occurred during the year. The regular quarterly meetings required by law have been duly held and well attended. There have also been five special meetings, mostly occasioned by the prevalence of small pox in the State. Notice of them will be found in the Secretary's records. The necessity of some direct and systematic...
Halaman 30 - DD, Atlanta, Ga. Catholic (Roman) Bureau of Indian Missions : Rev. Joseph A. Stephan, 941 F street NW., Washington, DC Congregational American Missionary Association : Rev. ME Strieby, DD, Bible House, New York. Episcopal Church Mission, Rev. John 8. Lindsay, DD, Fourth avenue and Twentysecond street, New York. Friends

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