Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor, المجلد 2

الغلاف الأمامي
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1911
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الصفحة 2438 - If the workman does not leave any such dependents, but leaves any dependents in part dependent upon his earnings, such sum, not exceeding in any case the amount 67725°— VOL 2—11 60 payable under the foregoing provisions, as may be agreed upon, or in default of agreement, may be determined, on arbitration under this act, to be reasonable and proportionate to the injury to the said dependents...
الصفحة 2436 - Where the injury for which compensation is payable under this Act was caused under circumstances creating a legal liability in some person other than the employer...
الصفحة 2439 - Any weekly payment may be reviewed at the request either of the employer or of the workman, and on such review may be ended, diminished, or increased, subject to the maximum above provided; and the amount of payment shall, in default of agreement, be settled by arbitration under this act.
الصفحة 2438 - Where the employer has.been accustomed to pay to the workman a sum to cover any special expenses entailed on him by the nature of his employment, the sum so paid shall not be reckoned as part of the earnings.
الصفحة 2438 - ... in the case of partial incapacity the weekly payment shall in no case •exceed the difference between the amount of the average weekly earnings of the workman before the accident and the average weekly amount which he is earning or is able to earn in some suitable employment or business after the accident, but shall bear such relation to the amount of that difference as under the circumstances of the case may appear proper.
الصفحة 2439 - Where a workman has given notice of an accident, he shall, if so required by the employer, submit himself for examination by a duly qualified medical practitioner provided and paid by the employer, and, if he refuses to submit himself to such examination, or in any way obstructs the same, his right to compensation, and to take or prosecute any proceeding under this Act in relation to compensation, shall be suspended until such examination has taken place.
الصفحة 1504 - ... any person who has entered into or works under a contract of service or apprenticeship with an employer, whether by way of manual labour, clerical work, or otherwise, and whether the contract is expressed or implied, is oral or in writing...
الصفحة 2439 - State, give a certificate as to the condition of the workman and his fitness for employment, specifying, where necessary, the kind of employment for which he is fit, and that certificate shall be conclusive evidence as to the matters so certified.
الصفحة 2436 - ... contractor) for the execution by or under the contractor of the whole or any part of any work undertaken by the principal, the principal shall be liable to pay to any workman employed in the execution of the work any compensation under this act which he would have been liable to pay if that workman had been immediately employed by him...
الصفحة 2440 - ... who shall, subject to such rules, on being satisfied as to its genuineness, record such memorandum in a special register without fee, and thereupon the memorandum shall for all purposes be enforceable as a county court judgment.

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