Annual Report of the Secretary of War, 1권

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883

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379 페이지 - States, and if any doubt should arise, not explained by said articles, then according to your conscience, the best of your understanding, and the custom of war in like cases...
378 페이지 - And whereas no man can be forejudged of life or limb, or subjected in time of peace to any kind of punishment within this realm, by martial law, or in any other manner than by the judgment of his peers and according to the known and established laws of this realm...
267 페이지 - An act [to amend an act entitled an act] to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, and to secure to the Government the use of the same for postal, military, and other purposes, approved July first, eighteen hundred and sixty-two," approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-four.
384 페이지 - No person shall be liable to be tried and punished by a general court-martial for any offense which shall appear to have been committed more than two years before the issuing of the order for such trial, unless the person, by reason of having absented himself, or some other manifest impediment, shall not have been amenable to justice within that period.
384 페이지 - Every soldier who deserts the service of the United States shall be liable to serve for such period as shall, with the time he may have served previous to his desertion, amount to the full term of his enlistment ; and such soldier shall be tried by a court-martial and punished, although the term of his enlistment may have elapsed previous to his being apprehended and tried.
603 페이지 - WORK PERFORMED IN THE RECORD AND PENSION DIVISION. The total number of official demands upon this division during the fiscal year for information as to the cause of death in the case of deceased soldiers and the hospital record of invalids, was...
651 페이지 - All stoppages or fines adjudged against soldiers by sentence of courts-martial, over and above any amount that may be due for the reimbursement of Government, or of individuals; all forfeitures on account of desertion; and...
142 페이지 - South, the former being under my immediate command, with headquarters at Governor's Island, New York. The Department of the South was, until the 14th of September, 1883, under command of Col. Henry J. Hunt, Fifth United States Artillery. Upon the date mentioned Colonel Hunt was retired from active service, agreeably to the provisions of section 1 of the act of Congress approved June 30, 1882, and under the instructions of the honorable Secretary of War the Department of the South was placed temporarily...
393 페이지 - On the hearing of any case under a claim of extradition by a foreign government, upon affidavit being filed by the person charged setting forth that there are witnesses whose evidence is material to his defense, that he cannot safely go to trial without them, what he expects to prove by each of them, and that he is not possessed of sufficient means, and is actually unable to pay the fees of such witnesses, the judge or...
258 페이지 - Company until the whole capital named in this Act of Incorporation is taken up, by complying with the terms of subscription ; and no mortgage or construction bonds shall ever be issued by said company on said road, or mortgage or lien made in any way, except by the consent of the Congress of the United States.

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